Southern Brotherhood – Ode To Man – Audio

It has been over four years since the English blues quartet Southern Brotherhood last featured.

Southern Brotherhood - Ode To Man

Southern Brotherhood

On the 28th they will be releasing the bakers dozen plus one revision track LP Truth & Lies, which is available on bandcamp.

The verging on an hour album takes the listener on a journey of blues-rock through the decades and through geographical influence, playing almost as a compendium of the various sub-genres and a testament to the strength of songwriting and musicianship that it all falls in to place with the listener having no desire to wander away, other than to grab hold of another bottle of Bourbon.

It has been interesting to engage with the journey of the various incarnations of Southern Brotherhood since the start of the decade discovering a sound which has bloomed over the years from what was an earlier earnest intensity to what is now a calm self-assuredness.

The twelfth song is the haunting beauty that pulls from the Velvet Underground songsheet and my pick of the release Ode To Man.

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Southern Brotherhood – The Basement Sessions – EP Review

The English band Southern Brotherhood have a new three track EP – The Basement Sessions –  set for release on the 15th May.

Southern Brotherhood - Basement Sessions- art work

Southern Brotherhood – Basement Sessions- art work

Opening with Baby Girl, which is a well defined blues rock track that Southern Brotherhood don’t bend far off the straight and narrow. A well constructed piece of music for devotees of the genre.

Next is Right Back Where We Started, which to my mind, finds the band in a more creative space, as although the roots of the sound is identifiable, they seem to have developed in maturity and confidence. Southern Brotherhood deliver a sound which combines Americana with English rock to create a track which allows the individuality of the players to flow more naturally as they are not trying to fit inside a proscribed formula. My pick of the release.

Concluding with the longest piece, which runs at just under seven and three-quarter minutes. Serenade, continues that improvisational streak and for me, this EP finds Southern Brotherhood marking out some of their own territory and as a result sound much more impressive for the change in the song-writing process.

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