FIKA – Here To Stay – Single Review

The English soul-groove duo FIKA were introduced last year.

FIKA - Here to Stay


Their latest track Here To Stay, whilst also something to rest up the heels on the desk, is a track with more of a stop-start motion, giving it a more shiny veneer, though once you start to scratch beneath the plastic coating there is plenty to keep the ears engaged.

A glacial electronica is weaved around a gazey-RnB guitar that affords Here To Stay a dreamy haziness while the percussion creates context, it is merely the, what to me is, over production of vocals that causes me to hesitate – however that is perhaps not a surprise to those who have stayed with the site for any length of time – if it isn’t raw and still dripping juices I will be likely to be reticent – so don’t take my thoughts on post production effects as anything more than – to be expected. Were I not to think Here To Stay has much to add to the day, I wouldn’t ask you to consider spending time having a listen.

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Maxwell Cabana – Texas – Single Review

The US soul-groove outfit Maxwell Cabana released the single Texas on the 12th.

Maxwell Cabana - photo credit - @jacobdysinger

Maxwell Cabana – photo credit – @jacobdysinger

Texas is a tad over five minutes song of dipping hips and smooth groove that washes the room in mellow tones in which the listener becomes interwoven with the snaking guitar that flickers through the ears with a luscious layering of subtle synth forming a soft foam which balances a teetering jazz rhythm bass and drum kit while the vocal slithers in and out of focus.

Although not a song to pull out at the start of a party evening, Texas (which is available on bandcamp) is an essential for the playlist for when the mood starts to drift towards partners canoodling in quiet corners.


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FIKA – Piano Down – Single Review

FIKA is, in this instance, a soul-groove duo from England rather than, a Swedish pastries and coffee break, though either being equally appropriate prior to hitting play.



A couple of tracks are around both of which delve deep in to the brain and slow down the synapses.

Piano Down – the latest reveal, which came out on the 6th, is a blend of minor-chord progressions on a Korg SV-1 (that give the songs its  drifting sadness) set to reversed guitar fretwork, which gives the track its sense of an aural description of a Wundt illusion. The structured skipping tempo and percussion transposes the song to an acid-jazz influence with the soulful vocal conjoining all the ideas in to a smooth-groove.

If that all sounds a tad deconstructed, trust me, as posited by the name of the band –  grab yourself a cup of coffee, some pastries, hang up your heels and enjoy just over four and a quarter minutes of ambient flow.


Piano Down – Fika is available on itunes.*

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