Moulettes – Bird Of Paradise Pt.II (Live Version) – Video

Moulettes is an English alt-folk quartet.



Creating music of rich tapestry as they combine varied fingered and bowed strings along with spacey keys Moulettes are able to transfix the listener with their complex layering of sound and it is of little surprise they are to be regularly playing both across England and more broadly around the world with a loyal and growing audience.

By way of an introduction to their music – the seventh of the seventeen tracks on SOTONES10 (those who follow the site regularly will note this is the third song taken from the forthcoming compilation LP with each being of very different starting block) is exactly as it says on the tin – a live track – Bird Of Paradise Pt.II (Live Version) which is the audio on this video.


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Avital Raz – The Only Time Jon Paid For Sex – Audio

Avital Raz is a social-commentary-folk creator based in England.

Avital Raz

Avital Raz

Taking a scalpel to peel away the veneer of societal respectability Avital Raz uncovers the festering sores contained therein and exposing them to the full glare of the sun. Few areas escape the barbed wit and precision surgeons blade as Avital combines a strong sense of composition, acidic lyric and an equally appropriate vocal to deliver a perspective of the underbelly of society.

From the Sotones Records 10th anniversary compilation SOTONES10 LP coming out on the 3rd of November the third of the seventeen tracks – The Only Time Jon Paid For Sex.


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White Ape – Eat More Meat – Audio

The English protest-rock quartet White Ape have always been a delight to feature over the years since first appearing on the site back in 2014.

White Ape - photo credit - Rupert Hitchcox

White Ape – photo credit – Rupert Hitchcox

Word arrives that Sotones Records – A label based in Southampton (England) are set to release the LP SOTONES10 on the 3rd of November to celebrate their 10th anniversary. I know, I know you are wondering where is this preamble leading…

…well the thirteenth track on that eighteen track album is by White Ape with a gnarling saw against egregious consumption in a track which once again displays their ability to deliver engaging music whilst wrestling with issues of societal iniquities with Eat More Meat.

It is often possible to appreciate the integrity of musical output even, though perhaps even more importantly, when the context of a song is in condemnation of ones own lifestyle and not feel in the least flustered by so doing. Music that stands on its own traction with fortitude of message always deserves space, to my mind – and as a meat eater, it is with some pleasure that once again I tempt you to the delicacy that is White Ape.

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