Sophomore – Ghost Rider – Single Review

The Swedish triphop project Sophomore released the  track Ghost Rider yesterday.

Sophomore - triphop


The mesmeric music metamorphoses the mind in its meandering, mellow, mystical, modulating moderation.

An approaching five minutes track of beguiling downtempo ambient electronica from which the listener has no desire to escape its tranquillising hypnosis – marks another welcome return to Sophomore, an infrequently featured musical project on the site.

As regular readers know, I always use an audio embed where possible, as the quality of sound is far better, though on this occasion I offer both the audio and the video, with the video, that includes police radio communication being a self-explanation of the track title – no one dies, no shots are fired, there are no injuries in fact nothing unexpected happens at all – until the very end, where how the video ties completely with the song title is revealed.

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Sophomore – It Hurts – Audio

It was back in 2015 that the Swedish triphop project Sophomore last featured.

Sophomore - triphop


The latest track to surface – It Hurts – unfurls slowly like an emblem carried on a light breeze undulating around a pole.

The hypnotic, melting, electronica seeps in to the arterial system like an anaesthetic calmly slowing down the functions of the body and mind.

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Olle Andersson – an experimental electronics creator from Goteborg in Sweden – releases his material in the name of Sophomore.

Sophomore - Experimental-electronics from Sweden


The sounds daub flecks of sparkle as they land across the room as Sophomore creates music which always contains an unintended twist and for the very nature of the creative process, gives the loops of sound a warming context into which the listener can curl up and permit the combinations of pastel and iridescent electronics to wash across the ears.

The sloth like progressions are given plenty of room to envelope the audience in their folding silk, yet the slow-motion development doesn’t find the brain wanting to chase along the numbers, rather entices the synapses to decelerate to match the unfurling gossamer.

If you are hurrying to put together a collection of material from an impromptu house party, Sophomore, is not to be added by error. However, if are you looking to take material for the after-party pre-dawn accompaniment, this you should gather by the bushel to add an intoxicating palette of sound to the developing light, which reflects of the breaking sunrise, in which ever of the vagaries of light it may occur.

There are underlying contexts of intended travel as Sophomore records and plays all material live, resulting in each iteration being slightly different from the other despite it being computer generated, which gives a refreshing change to the normalcy of the style.

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