The Angeles Project

The Angeles Project is the eroto-synth songwriter Mimi R. from Los Angeles in the USA – who works closely with the producer Andrew Brassell.

The Angeles Project - eroto-synth from the USA

The Angeles Project

The Angeles Project insists you are unadorned of clothing with a partner in horizontal pose as the freedom of expression demands equilibrium of the audience. New on the scene at the end of March there is nothing to do than want to envelope yourself in the luxuriant unction extended through the speakers as a sultry vocal massages oils into intertwined bodies.

Combining synthetic production with lustrous vocal is a complexity which oft results in the anodyne, The Angeles Project is able to reposition the sounds to enveloping eroticism that folds the body in warming textures of extravaganza.

Sadly with only three songs to hear thus far – there is an unfulfilled orgasm, it stands currently as more of a doorstep kiss –  and I look forward to the triple LP we all need, as what there is available enthuses of more than a knee-trembler, more for an evening, night and breaking dawn of exploration.

I look forward to hearing more of The Angeles Project as does the owner of the thigh I currently nuzzle.


Radio – Single – The Angeles Project is available on iTunes*.

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Whathappenedonthatisland is Jacob Whitcroft from Huddersfield in England.

Whathappenedonthatisland - a new project from England


Whathappenedonthatisland is a good example of why this website exists – still very much in formative mode, in fact it wouldn’t be far off to say this solo project doesn’t really exist yet other than in the minds eye of Jacob, but there is some music to hear and it does have potential and for that very fact deserves someone outside a close circle of family and friends to acknowledge its existence and give a thumbs-up.

An eclectic mix of experimental ambient drone is interspersed with humour and tangents and some pieces work well. In many ways I am reminded, both in band name in material to Lord Of The Flies by Golding. Most definitely not heading for the mainstream, Whathappenedonthatisland, is more a musical accompaniment to anxieties and confusion and for that very fact is a testament in the ability to transfer those perplexities to provide the listener with an unfolding journey. There have been a few other bands at various stages of development who have been reviewed who also carry out this autobiographical dialogue and as always I give full credit for allowing others into that introspection.

Does Whathappenedonthatisland have the legs to move forward? I believe so once a more focussed approach is developed, but for now that doesn’t matter and I wish Jacob all the best however he chooses to continue, what has already arrived is worth taking time to discover.


Welcome To My Black Lodge is available on bandcamp.

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Chvad SB

Chvad SB is a New York, USA, based experimental music creator.

Chvad SB - experimental music from the USA

Chvad SB

Allow yourself plenty of time before hitting play as Chvad SB delivers his extended pieces which can run to the best part of a quarter of an hour. The grumbling and groaning crackles commingle to form rumblings of malevolence which dissipate through the brain in ever flowing threads of sound. Electronically generated sounds combine with hand-made instruments, guitars and occasional vocal to paint aural abstract imagery of loss.

Whilst stretching the electronics, the music doesn’t sit uncomfortably with the listener who is drawn into the eerie noises that simultaneously have a calming and restive resonance. The creations are not impenetrable as Chvad SB develops the themes of the tracks in exquisite loops, which despite their duration are stripped of the extraneous giving the resulting out-put an earthy realism.

Having been around for a few years now Chvad SB has been able to refine his craft and the latest release, the seven track enigmatically titled, Crickets Were The Compass is a fine exposition of his work. I recommend finding some time to explore the themes and virtual organic synthetics of a talented sound designer.


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You Are Number Six

You Are Number Six is the synth-wave singer songwriter Théo Lefebvre from Montpellier in France.

You Are Number Six - Synth-wave from France

You Are Number Six

Newly out of the block You Are Number Six is prolific with new material appearing regularly and a début (appropriately with six tracks) EP – Weird Tales – scheduled for the 20th, Theo would appear to have a stack of ideas to deliver to the world and the formula being explored is an ideal vehicle.

Whilst there is a zesty enthusiasm to the instrumental in the tracks, this is tempered by the swelling electronics which gives the music a fine patina surrounding the energy and allowing You Are Number Six to deliver sounds which fill the room with a fine veil of mist as synths imbue the music with atmosphere.

Whilst the derivatives of the influences are immediately recognizable, there is sufficient new and intrinsic to its own space to stop the mind wandering to the ‘oh that reminds me of’ as Theo brings it all up to the 21st Century.

Given the enticing start I look forward to hearing much more of You Are Number Six in short order with more of the attention encapsulating creativity.

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Clay Dudash

Clay Dudash is the indie folk outfit centred around Clay Dudash from Tucson in The USA.

Clay Dudash - indie folk from The USA

Clay Dudash

Before you hit play, don flares and throw over some beads, stand up and shake as you hit play, the rest will occur naturally. Retro sits well in the right hands and Clay Dudash has the right hands to provide music which rattles around the scintillated body. Through utilisation of additional players and vocal the balance of the material is allowed to flow smoothly through the room.

Expect no surprises in the space as Clay Dudash casts an acerbic eye across the landscape, providing a running commentary, whilst providing a conductor to strike an earth through which the bolts of lighting, expounded in the lyric, can ground themselves.

The resonance of the output lies in the contradiction betwixt lyric and the mellow mood of  the music, which is precisely the footprint in which Dylan excelled.

More time and personal confidence, may perhaps allow Dudash the resilience to write more explicit protest songs for the 21st Century. It will be interesting to see if he takes up the cudgels of his own personal perspective of the world in a more direct manner, I hope he does and then we will have something of lasting memory.

For now, I recommend getting to know Clay Dudash in the embryonic stages.

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