Anything After – Something I Said – Audio

The US lo-fi-gaze duo Anything After are due to release the LP Whose Eyes Are In My Head imminently.

Anything After

Anything After

Don’t settle too comfortably before hitting play as Something I Said will rattle round the room in a blur of fuzzy pops and whistles as Anything After take lo-fi literally. There is something immensely glorious about the duo who would probably be able to add distortion to the sound of a floating feather.

Anything After aim to challenge the listener as they take a cheese-grater to luscious echoing shoegaze and then bend the timing leaving the audience either rubbing their ears in pain or absolute pleasure and the fact that I am suggesting spending time with the duo confirms I sit in the latter camp.

I look forward to hearing more of Anything After and wait with anticipation for Whose Eyes Are In My Head.

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