Galaxy 7

Galaxy 7 is the electro-rock performer Daisuke Tsutsui from Tokyo in Japan.

Galaxy 7 - electro rock from Japan

Galaxy 7

After time with a mainstream major record label signed band in 2008, he headed out on his own with Galaxy 7 which could almost be defined as metal electro. Wildly sawing guitar is met with equally frenetic electronics as Daisuke takes the audience on a sparking rumbustious journey of sound.

High energy tracks frequently extend for up to nearly seven minutes, but even then it seems too short as although there are loops of samples they are enlivened by the guitar and percussion which keeps the music moving forwards. On live performance he does use additional players, for the extensive instrumentation he performs himself on recordings, to package the show as a visual treat. As importantly on recording, without the visual entertainment there is plenty to enjoy.

The variety of ideas that Galaxy 7 deploy, give the audience more than repetitions as tracks offer different experiences and his utilisation of orchestral classicism in addition to rapidly progressing sounds gives Daisuke the ability to create solidly based compositions.

Appearing from time to time in Europe by invitation, which is a testament to the far reaching music that is Galaxy 7 and I look forward to more over the coming years.


Eye of the Dragon Who Wished To Be a Man – Galaxy 7 is available on iTunes*.

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Hastings 3000

Hasting 3000 is the alt-rock vehicle for Joe Hastings from Minneapolis in the USA to explore his perceptions.

Hastings 3000 - alt rock from the USA

Hastings 3000

With a somewhat experimental air about it the seemingly unstructured exploration of Hastings 3000 is wrapped inside hammering percussion. The guitars and vocals are in the main distorted giving the drums ever more presence and the overall effect is one of primordial existentialism.

However there is far more to Hastings 3000 than just a bedroom project as he can often be found in live performance and from what I have been able to ascertain these are frenetic events. The very panicky nature of the music lends it an air of absolute relevance, just don’t expect a regular song structure’ to hit the ears too often.

Whilst leaving the head reeling from the pounding beat the sounds are readily accessible as although not highly structured it makes perfect sense.

Moreover how could I not enjoy an act who made a cover version of Ça plane pour moi by the Belgian artist Plastic Bertrand. If you want swooping melodies and dance-hall Hastings 3000 is not for you, if on the other-hand you want something that your head can engage with, this is ideal.


A New Monster – Hastings 3000 is available on iTunes*.

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Joe DOE is a solo vehicle for the Fort Wayne USA based musician who uses the same name to offer a welcome change with that I will call alt-rap.

Joe DOE - alt-rap from the USA


I had a good listen to a twelve track LP and such is my suspicion of the genre that I even then had to check and ask for some lyrics as I thought my ears may have become auto-blocked, which confirmed, this is actually hip-hop with something useful to say.

Rather than feeling sorry for itself, the music Joe DOE releases contains the expected anger, but it is delivered with relevance and in well constructed poetry that illuminates the issues to hand leaving the listener, not excluded, but elucidated. Angry music of any genre when delivered coherently can and does draw an inclusiveness and to his credit, this is where the sounds head. How could I not agree with the sentiment included in the line – ‘So Much Rap Is Trite’ – One of the related bands to Joe DOE headlines itself – The rap group for people who hate rap – If this is the way ahead, then I am a convert to the genre with its visceral and intelligent lyrical content that even manages to draw on much of the language of the mainstream genre and use that to poke fun of it.

The electronic loops pulse away in the background surging into the veins, but I was far more focussed on the lyric. I look forward to getting to know more bands on the independent label – Sykophunk Productions.


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Django Voris

Django Voris is an alt-electro composer from New York in the USA.

Django Voris - alt electro from the USA

Django Voris

Whirling in to the mix of eclectic sounds are references from many strains of music and it is perhaps not really a surprise that Django Voris has a sound to which not only does a classical music based UK radio station (BBC Radio 3) declare a real sense of joy but also I, a cynical ’70s punk rocker and although it sits naturally in neither camp the way he is able to straddle both ends of the spectrum is a testament to the creativity and ingenuity of the out-put.

I have had the opportunity to listen to much of his back catalogue along with his new LP Constantopolis which is set for release later this month. I can’t give you one particular reason why I should like this as: Jazz; Symphoneta and:

Electro-loops all feature, I could however give you a myriad of reasons why I shouldn’t, but I can’t but help to recommend you spending some time to get to know Django Voris as the quality of the output and engagement is a must for my ‘No idea, but I do’ playlist. I guess as a pointer as to why – when someone can turn a freestyle jazz track into a dub reggae beat you just can’t help be entranced.

It is with some pleasure that I introduce Django Voris for the sheer creativity and ability to compose music that ably spans the breadth of the spectrum delivering an out-put which captivates, entrances and takes the audience on a soaring auditory journey.


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Lots Of Love

Lots Of Love is the vehicle for Los Angeles USA based indie pop singer songwriter Jessica Fleischer to deliver her ideas.

Lots of Love - indie pop from the USA

Lots of Love

There are very rare occasions when pop bubbles and great song-writing are not an oxymoron and Lots Of Love is one of those cases. Somehow Jessica is able to make lyrics of sentimental slush sound harder edged and it is this ability to give credibility to the incredulous that I just enjoy. Musically nothing like, but over all the effect similar to Isabella Rossellini singing Blue Velvet in the David Lynch film – intoxicating.

Jessica Fleischer is not only deftly able to handle the compositions of the songs, but to add a slightly ironic twist to it with a vocal that transfixes the attention of the listener. A fine debut ten track  LP From The Start was released on the 27th August which should find Lots Of Love gain wider interest. There is more to the sounds than a fine vocal as the instruments also keep a lid on the pink froth within a well behaved rock derivative that harkens to the ’60s and ’50s.

There is much to enjoy here, even a cynic such as myself finds themselves defrosting slightly as the material contains none of the crass marketing autocue that lives inside much of this genre as Jessica writes about her own emotional twists and turns, throwing them up for investigation. I hope Jessica continues with this honesty going forward as this is what is the real value that differentiates Lots Of Love from mainstream pop pap.


From the Start – Lots of Love is available on iTunes*.

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