Rooms Delayed

Rooms Delayed is the vehicle for the ambient drone musings released by Vincenzo Nazzaro from Bologna in Italy.

Rooms Delayed - ambient drone from Italy

Rooms Delayed

Rooms Delayed offer extended pieces of melt-water which flow in a seamless transition of instrumentation, spectrally flecked with transitions of unfocussed vocal. As tracks fade away the listener is left with ears hurting from the silence with the steady sound of a pulse inside the head.  The luscious dimensions of the music wrap their way deep inside the mind and time becomes irrelevant with the only thought being a need for more.

One just feels the desire to head to a flotation tank to gain full value from the compositions and I was left with the feeling that this is probably what suspended animation would be like. The brains pulses end up slowing, to the point whereby even mental visualisations become too much for the slowing synapses and there is nothing left to do other than let Rooms Delayed take over the conscious and subconscious being.

Some reviews take me an extraordinary  amount of time to write, this being one  – as I write with the music playing – normally on the first complete listening, aiming to provide you with the sounds that first hit my ears and this review is taking time simply because my brain is struggling to function at all.

A new EP coming out on the 22nd November – Nothing Lighter – through Monkey Records should be enough send those of us in the Northern Hemisphere through hibernation until Spring.


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Foreign Television

Originally from Haverfordwest in Wales now based in Moscow, Russia, is the solo creator Francis Allen who releases his ambient shoegaze under the name of Foreign Television.

Foreign Television - ambient shoegaze from Wales

Foreign Television

Inside recognizable parameters Foreign Television is a flowing viscosity of sounds each melting into the other like melting waxes and the listener is invited to settle back and let the mind flow in seamless transitions. A variety of timing, electronics and instruments are displayed to the accompaniment of a reflective vocal, each transitioning like a Hubble Telescope image of a nebula of unfathomable distance.

What I recall most of Haverfordwest is take the M4 west out of London and keep going west until – well you hit ‘The’ roundabout, go straight on the A48 keep heading West on the A40 and when you reach the end of the road – that is Haverfordwest and somehow it seems so appropriate as that is a journey to take as the sun sets over London, take your time in mid-summer and the sun will be rising as you reach the outskirts after a drive in the peace and quiet of the night and that is how Foreign Television strikes me –  languid liquidity.

A debut LP the 10 track 43 minute Youthless is an exemplar of weightless floating in space.


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Garry Pitcairn

Garry Pitcairn is vehicle for the singer / songwriter / multi instrumentalist Gabriele Maruti from Milan in Italy to expose an avenue of symbolic rock, with Steve Lions on drums.

Garry Pitcairn - symbolic rock from Italy

Garry Pitcairn

Step back from the freneticism of the day and settle back for an engaging ride with Garry Pitcairn. Metaphors abound in the visual contextualisations that drift across the floor before rising in a haze of a delayed smoke bomb and the  listener is suddenly enveloped in a mist of languid tumerity, such are the paroxysms of the music.

A diversity of subsumed instrumentals are proffered to the ears, each melting into the next and it is only after a moment under the anaesthetic that the audience finds they are transfixed in an array of textures. There is a vocal context, however that too is fluxed inside the landscape, this is music to enjoy for its evocatism.

If none of the above helped – think melting chocolate infused with cream – luxuriant in the extreme.

I thank Sefano of Danza Records for putting up with my vitriol over his emails introducing Garry Pitcairn – hey I even managed to argue over the population of The Pitcairns, which perhaps is an indicator of how a band speaking to me directly will get a better response than an intermediary with a ‘cut and paste’ press release gumph.

Most importantly – a delightful score I recommend spending some time to enjoy.


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Chelsea Turnbull

Chelsea Turnbull based in London in England is an aspiring singer.

Chelsea Turnbull - a singer from England

Chelsea Turnbull

Here Emerging Indie Bands goes pre-emerging and it is a pleasure to introduce Chelsea Turnbull.

This is a long way from the regular posts as we find Chelsea seeking her landscape, so why would I ask you to spend a moment? First and foremost because I think she has talent and is someone I personally would like to see to do well.

Enough of me…About a year ago I received an email – ‘Tim, I have done a song, can you help.  Whilst interesting vocally, not very helpful, so I posited, Chelsea, something else – saving hard, some other songs arrived and once again I snarled, after more saving up a couple of tunes dropped in my email today.

I have heard an EPs worth of covers from Chelsea and not only does she have staying power and determination, she also has a voice that deserves attention, I have faith she also has the ability to write her own songs.

With this I introduce Chelsea Turnbull, to Chelsea, please write your own songs as I know you have the ability, have faith in yourself, with best wishes for a sparkling career – Tim

For more information on speaking to Chelsea, well for now, I am her primary contact point to drop me an email to tim @ and I will ensure she receives your thoughts.

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Sounds Of Sputnik

Roma Kalitkin a solo musician from Moscow in Russia performs under the name of Sounds Of Sputnik to deliver his psychedelic space rock.

Sounds Of Sputnik - psychedelic space rock from Russia

Sounds Of Sputnik

Once again, as with the old URL Indie Bands Blog on the first Russian entry, I find myself in a quandary of where to place Russia in the continent category and once again it appears under Asia, simply to due to the relative landmass in Europe and Asia. Of course as previously, the first review is of a Russian outfit is someone sitting in Europe. However, you aren’t reading this to hear about my travails with geo-political and continental boundaries…. Sounds Of Sputnik

Dim the lights, lie back and gaze-upwards and let Sounds Of Sputnik wend its way into your mind and in a trance you will find yourself floating in the cosmos, what an appropriately named band.

Predominately purely instrumental, the music envelopes the mind in warming bass notes, whilst echoed chords drift lazily across the room captivating the thoughts, while an omnipresent electronic hum adds to the experience of the material, this is not music to hurry, rather to enjoy at leisure and is well worth allowing the music to take over the mind.


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