Kramies based in Colorado in the USA is an Avant-garde solo performer Kramies Windt.

Kramies - singular music from The USA


Combining electronics and instrumental Kramies delivers a sound which washes over the ears like suds of soap. Somewhat experimental, the sounds are delivered within the edges of the envelope and traverse a path of connected points, allowing the listener to settle back and enjoy.

The fusion of synthesised sounds and acoustic guitar enables Kramies to deliver an out-put which has the listener holding on to the entrails to be buffeted in a combination of the cognizable and the futuristic. Whilst that may sound as-though it may be a self-indulgence the material offers more than self adulation as the ears are captivated by the constructs which offer familiarity and newness.

There is a reason why you read the website and it isn’t because I find the mainstream bands of tomorrow, rather ponder the musicians you may not otherwise hear. I thank you for allowing me to indulge your ears with music of the underground which adds a scintilla to the day and Kramies suit the brief like a well fitting glove. Ever to be obscure, but the world is a better place for it.


The Wooden Heart – EP – Kramies is available on iTunes

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Duane Pitre

Duane Pitre is an experimental musician from New Orleans in the USA.

Duane Pitre - experimental music from the USA

Duane Pitre

Whilst I enjoy three chord three minute wonders, there is also space in the lexicon for experiments and Duane Pitre who combines acoustics with electronics produces some fascinating landscapes in which to stretch the hippocampi.

It somehow seems apposite that the last band I reviewed Dynoride is from Cambridge in the USA and Duane I came across in Cambridge in England and the two would find it harder to be polar opposites. Luxuriant textures float gently around the room like interspersed bubbles popping one against the other reflecting ever smaller versions of themselves.

Looping and wafting electronics are subsumed within an acoustic backdrop, seemingly unrelated, yet mirror reflections of themselves, curling like wafts of smoke in the sunlight. Individual components seem graspable, yet they are gone before the mind can capture the essence only to reappear moments later in a new and equally as unreachable guise.

No matter how many times you replay pieces there is always something just out of arms-length and much like the loops in the music another replay is demanded.

Duane Pitre takes the listener on finite journeys into an infinite space.


Feel Free – Duane Pitre is available on iTunes*.

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Steffan Rundquist

Steffan Rundquist originally from Helsingborg in Sweden, now residing in Rotterdam (Holland) is an alternative indie singer songwriter.

Steffan Rundquist - alternative indie from Sweden

Steffan Rundquist

Taking references of new wave and reggae and transferring it to an acoustic setting enables Steffan to deliver an entertaining and refreshing style of music. Bringing experience as a band musician going back to the late ’70s he has brought that knowledge to a new setting and is able to deliver material of the streets with the knowledge of making the most of the material. An itinerant traveller, he is also able to transfer this into the songs which have a global appeal to them with the earthy realism which immediately captures the attention.

This has the sparseness of construct which requires absolute confidence in ability as there is no-one else to blame if it sounds askew and Steffan Rundquist rises to the challenge with a waving flag. It is when I listen to solo musicians that I often find the most expressive and honest material particularly when played acoustically, as it only works if the audience can find a connection with the performer.

What I particularly enjoy of songs I have heard, is the uplifting sounds, whilst the lyric expresses insecurities and injustices. I am led to believe the eponymous EP which came out earlier this year is not a one off concept as a follow-up EP is under way for release in April 2014.


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Danielle Bloom and The Nillionaires

Danielle Bloom and The Nillionaires is centred around the Nashville USA based rock ‘n’ roller Danielle Bloom.

Danielle Bloom and The Nillionaires - rock 'n' roll from the USA

Danielle Bloom and The Nillionaires

Sometimes it is good to strip away all the frippery and where better to go than Nashville for an exploration. Danielle Bloom and The Nillionaires (no that isn’t a repeated typo) finds us considering, not for the first time, a songwriter singer who plays with various players, who although integral for the delivery, are not a steady line-up.

In addition to belting out raw rock, Danielle also has a voice that adds warmth to more soul derived tracks and her ability to switch vocal styles to the moods that she creates in her compositions is the added value. There is nothing fancy here as the music does exactly what it says on the tin delivered with a vocal that focuses the attention. Instruments are given a run out on occasion, but more as a precursor to a switch of emphasis than as an elaborate statement.

Bare-bones rock ‘n’ roll theoretically should be easy to deliver, however due to its very native raw energy, demands strong skills and Danielle Bloom does surround herself with players who match the vocals, making Danielle Bloom and The Nillionaires a fine place to settle when you want to chew on the bones.

website (be aware music starts immediately)

Meet Me In the Middle – Danielle Bloom is available on iTunes*.

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Protomythos from Tel Alviv in Israel is the solo alternative rock musician Tom Treivish.

Protomythos - alt-rock from Israel

Protomythos – alt-rock from Israel

An idea formed in Toms’ mind and the project Protomythos came to fruition. Much like the calming material the ideas were not rushed and over the course of a couple of years a number of tracks were selected and packaged into the ten track LP – In Human Sight – from which 20% of the profits will be donated to animal charities.

In many ways this sits in the middle of middle of the road rock, however there are flights of fancy along the way, which gives the music notches in which to explore and whilst never steering too far off the path, there is enough leverage to stand the music out from the crowd. This is music to take in bite-sized pieces, unless you are a particular fan of conceptual rock, but for me allowing tracks to be digested before sitting down another time, is where I gained most from Protomythos else the heavy curtains weighed down too heavily on my ears.

There is a very studied pace to the output which is matched with the instrumentation and compositions, giving the material considerable impact. Whilst it may not be my favourite music of the year, this is a top quality example of the genre and well worth taking time to explore. If it is a style in which you find a natural home, then it is unlikely that you will find anything of higher standard any-time soon.


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