Hepatit-X – Bad Oslo – Audio

The Norwegian rock quartet Hepatit-X will be releasing the LP Soldiers and Supervisors on the 13th of April.



Spending much of their time performing live, it has been over three years since their last recorded release, when they were a trio.

Bad Oslo, the first track to surface from the album, which was released as a standalone single on the 9th, discovers Hepatit-X as a tighter and faster unit and now pulling references from ’70s heavy-metal and moving away from their earlier stoner soundtrack. On the basis of the song – Soldiers and Supervisors will be an LP to add to the collection, which is also coming out on Vinyl through Big Day Records.

Lasting an ideal three minutes and fifteen seconds, Bad Oslo is a song that will have the listener head-banging between loudly playing speakers within moments. The earthy heavy-metal is delivered on the spine of a blistering performance on percussion in a driving impetus that threatens to break the skins, with guitar snarling through finessed chords, while the bass punches the eardrums as the vocal delivers a top-notch performance. Hepatit-X even manage to drop in a snippet of Blondie – what is there not to make for a recommendation to spend some time in their company.

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