SOFY MAJOR – Waste – Video

The French industrial-metal trio SOFY MAJOR are set to release the LP Waste on the 30th.



The title track, Waste, which is the first of the nine on the album is a menacing torture of implosions. Whilst fuelled with rage SOFY MAJOR express the frustrations within tautly held reigns. The growling track features metallic blackness as the bass which sits on slack strings, flattens the room, for the guitar to thread through victoriously and a stroppy percussion thrashes aside any remaining scraps standing. Rounding out the sound is the call to arms of a gritty vocal, leaving the listener feeling that they are witnessing the progression of unstoppable unsympathetic destruction. Along with the need to play the whole three and a half minutes through again, to enjoy the crunchiness of it all, particularly the close, which due to its abrupt conclusion, leaves the ears ringing in the silence.

From the 16th until the 31st of this month SOFY MAJOR will be on a pan-European tour and from the 3rd to the 13th of November, performing around France.


Waste – Sofy Major is available on iTunes.*

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