Chez Ali – Adore You – Audio

Based in Stockholm (Sweden) – the soft-rock creator Elias Mahfoud, who performs as Chez Ali – will be releasing the EP Buenas Noches Club on the 9th of November.

Chez Ali

Chez Ali

The first track to be revealed of the four on the EP (available on bandcamp), the second song – Adore You – which drifts through the room as though floating on balsa wood has a lightness of texture that belies the intricacy of the underlying composition that melds very busy guitar with harmonised synth, affording the music its soft brush focus, whilst the rumba percussion rhythm finds the listener sashaying through the room to the accompaniment of a smoochy groove of vocal.

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Johnny Payne – Lazy Love – Audio

The soft-rock crooner Johnny Payne, from Canada, will be releasing the EP Johnny on the 28th of September.

Johnny Payne

Johnny Payne

It isn’t often that on listening to music of the ’10s one is immediately minded of the two Bobbys’ – Vee and Vinton – this is one of those moments and a delight it is too.

Lazy Love is the the first of the five tracks on an EP that needs adding to the ‘candle lit supper for two’ playlist.

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Novustory – Magic Beans – Audio

Novustory is an English soft-rock trio.

Novustory - 10 Months Of Mayhem - CD

Novustory – 10 Months Of Mayhem – CD

Last month they released the five track EP 10 Months Of Mayhem which sows approximately twenty two minutes of well measured dry rock around the room. Not seeking to set the world alight Novustory provide the audience with well tempered combinations of ideas which keep the listener attuned but not  wrestling with in the moshpit.

A perfect set of tracks to take your mind off the commute to work as, whilst the material distracts from the daily drudge, it doesn’t set the listener in to rebellion the moment they walk through the workplace doors.

From 10 Months of MayhemMagic Beans is second.

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