Laryssa Birdseye – Loser – Video

The US blues-soaked creator Laryssa Birdseye releases the début LP So What on the 16th of September.

Laryssa Birdseye

Laryssa Birdseye

From the dozen track album – Loser – recently surfaced.

Today, as I write, does seem to have a theme of commonality as often occurs – this was another initial introduction from February alongside the Colombian band MidBlue – with very late response by me – which has surfaced with something new to be able to feature.

The room fills with morose heel stomping rock that despite its dour mien, rather than dwelling in self-pity, raises a light that merely because life is sour at one moment in time it doesn’t preclude a better future to arrive in short order.


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The Pack A.D. – So What – Video

The Canadian rock duo The Pack A.D. are finalising a new LP.

The Pack A.D. - So What

The Pack A.D.

Having recently changed labels The Pack A.D. have put out a single in advance of the as yet unnamed album, which seems to be going under the working title of Pariah.

So What has a more compressed and hence tighter sound to it than material previously featured, giving the duo a punchier feel, allowing them to create greater depth of texture in a track which also takes them back to their roots with its blues-rock undertow.

I look forward to discovering if this tautness is continued through the rest of the songs on the forthcoming LP.

So What – Single – The Pack A.D. is available on iTunes.*

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