Low’s Museum – So Long – Audio

The English sadcore project Low’s Museum releases the LP Bathtub on the 7th of September.

Low's Museum

Low’s Museum

Rooted in dour-folk, the morose compositions become more teary eyed with synths, electronica, accordions and more, adding to the sense of melancholia drawn from the open guitar and forlorn vocal, yet as often the case, the deeper the mood of despondency in music, the greater the sense of catharsis by the listener.

Wandering through the eighteen track, approximately sixty three minutes album (available on bandcamp) although not leaving any dry handkerchiefs will leave the mind feeling becalmed of the worries of the moment.

While the LP is best heard in full to be able to experience the changes in ones own mood – the seventh track – So Long – serves as a not out of place introduction.

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Anyone’s Guess – So Long – Video

The US heavy-metal trio Anyone’s Guess released the single So Long on the 18th.

Anyone's Guess - So Long

Anyone’s Guess

Inviting the audience to do nothing more than head-bang – Anyone’s Guess is a band to pull out the faded leather jacket, faded denim and thrash your head alongside.

Primordial music needs nothing more than volume and this is a trio to launch anytime you are after the essence of rock ‘n’ roll.

So Long – Anyone’s Guess is available on iTunes.*

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