Snowball ii – CR-VUC – Video

The US alt-rock project Snowball ii have had busy twelve months…

Snowball ii - Flashes Of Quincy - artwork

Snowball ii – Flashes Of Quincy – artwork

… the ten track LP Flashes of Quincy (available on bandcamp) marks the third album in the period.

CR-VUC, the fourth track on the album, has a more heavy rock driven pulse than much of the previously featured material by Snowball ii.

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New Year Ninety 2017 – 80 to 71

As is often the case some of those in the chart are no longer playing – but I would like to thank all musicians, whether sending me through material or ever being featured for doing what you do and making the world a better place.

80 to 71 in the New Year Ninety.

Until April - New Year Ninety 2017

Until April

80. Jonathan (Croatia)

Bliss is available on bandcamp

79. Until April (Ireland)

78. For Tracy Hyde (Japan)

Film Bleu – For Tracy Hyde is available on iTunes.*

77. Caitlin Glennon (USA)

Separate Grooves – Caitlin Glennon is available on iTunes.*

76. Apes (Australia)

Helluva – EP – APES is available on iTunes.*.

75. March (Netherlands)

Stay Put is available on bandcamp

74. énée (France)

Tricky World – Enee is available on iTunes.*

73. The Blue Collars (England)

Happy Pills – Single – The Blue Collars is available on iTunes.*

72. Kjartan Bue (Denmark)

71. Snowball ii (USA)

? – Snowball II is available on iTunes.*

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SNOWBALL ii – I Doughnut Want to Live – Audio

The US alt-rock project SNOWBALL ii is set to release the LP _Doughnut Holes_ on the 16th of September.

SNOWBALL ii - _Doughnut Holes_ - artwork

SNOWBALL ii – _Doughnut Holes_ – artwork

With a counter-intuitive sound to the compositions heard previously: Gone are the shimmering crystals of guitar to be replaced by subdued melodics.

What was Snowball II is now SNOWBALL ii, as the project has not only re-imagined the sound, they have contrapositive capitalisation of the band name to reflect of the reversed aural imprint, which still retains the distinctive forlorn voice that now takes more prominent foreground with the more subdued acoustic instrumentation.

Again, I have had the opportunity to partake of the complete eleven track album but am able to only share one of them with you, the third, I Doughnut Want to Live, which has a symmetrical construct that flakes plaster off its architecture as the track develops, like a clay pot being crafted, gaining strength from its sloughing of the extraneous and leaving the listener with fibres on which to delightedly gnaw, whilst minded of flocking like a voyeuristic vulture around entrails.

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Snowball II – I Can Come – Video

The US gaze-wave quartet Snowball II release their début LP ? on the 11th of March.

Snowball II - ? - artwork

Snowball II – ? – artwork

The third of the eleven tracks on ?, I Can Come, is the only one I am able to share with you, else I would be offering you a track by track review along with a selection of compositions, though I have had the pleasure of languishing in the luscious sounds of the just under an hour album.

Snowball II are striding into their first release under their new name and direction  – with well placed confidence as their juxtapositional sounds emerge from the speakers. They are equally unafraid to ask questions of their audience as they ease the conundrums of their musical journey into the ears. Musically idiosyncratic, the quartet are equally whimsical with the track names as well as the LP title – which isn’t a reminder for me to find out the name of the LP – rather ? really is the name of the album – along with including a track called Antonio Banderas & A Semester Abroad and another named simply !.

The marker of Snowball II is their ability to transform, what are not overly complicated, initial compositions into mazes of construction with elements such as reversed playback and looping time-shifted passages, whilst, always retaining the slowly moving core of the track. Leaving the listener not discombobulated, rather, feeling they have been on an enjoyable though tipsy night out where everything is recalled with fond, though hazy, memory.

In my view ? is an LP that is best lain through in one sitting, as the completed work makes perfect sense, taking one track at a time leaves you feeling you are attempting to put a jig-saw puzzle together whilst aware there are an unknown number of missing pieces.

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