Jess And The Bandits – Start A War – Video

The US / England country quintet Jess And The Bandits release the LP Smoke And Mirrors on the 15th of September.

Jess And The Bandits

Jess And The Bandits

From the forthcoming album a live stripped back acoustic version of Start A War recently surfaced which allows the highly impressive vocal to take centre stage with little adornment and indicates why their appeal is international.


Smoke and Mirrors – Jess and the Bandits is available on iTunes.*

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Ivy & Gold – Headlights – Video

The English outfit Ivy & Gold is an alt-electro-rock duo.

Ivy & Gold - Smoke And Mirrors - artwork

Ivy & Gold – Smoke And Mirrors – artwork

A live version of Headlights, the first of the four tracks on the EP Smoke And Mirrors.


Smoke & Mirrors – EP – Ivy & Gold is available on iTunes.*

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