Monograms – Sleep Cycle – Single Review

The US sludge-rock band Monograms revealed their latest track Sleep Cycle on the 1st.

Monograms - Sleep Cycle


It was last year that Monograms were introduced and their latest reveal finds them in even more oppressive mood, to the extent that I am writing these words whilst sheltering under the desk (so apologies for any typographical errors as peering to look at the screen is fraught by bullets firing from a hidden machine gun that seems to have taken up a position inside the subwoofer).

Other than to advise turning everything up to maximum volume to enjoy both the high-pitch of the tweeter breaching gazey guitars and the sub-woofers with the Bren combination of bass and percussion that rattle through the room, with the mesmeric vocal unfurling through everything – before hitting play have a plan as to where you can find safe cover in a hurry.

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Echo 63 – I’ve Lost Faith – Audio

The US sludge rock duo Echo 63 released the three track single Right This Second just a few hours ago.

Echo 63

Echo 63

Sometimes I am on top of things and for the third  time in a row – another release from today – this time a band who you are best to listen to whilst sinking wellington-boots deep in to gloopy mud to fully enjoy.

The sticky guitar and puddled drum clump around the ears whilst the flattened vocal volleys like a shuttlecock having lost half its feathers as it drifts unhurriedly around the room.

The middle track is I’ve Lost Faith.

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Right This Second – Single – Echo 63 is available on iTunes.*

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Left Over Jack

From Savannah, Georgia in the USA emerge Jim Robinson, Dorian Britt and Kyle Tekell who form the sludge-rock band Left Over Jack.

Left Over Jack - americana-sludge from the USA

Left Over Jack – americana-sludge from the USA

No matter where you turn the controls there is a puddle that splodges into the middle of the room from which Left Over Jack invite the listener to splash too.

The muddy drops scatter across the room in gloppy procession akin to a tumbril hefting the condemned toward the guillotine as Left Over Jack flux betwixt braked guitar damp and accelerated reverb that spirals across the room in displaced cobblestones of sounds as bass dredges the mud from the channels, whilst unanticipated sprightly percussion flicks daisy-chains which festoon the listener as ponderous vocal spirals around the room.

Far more than the sum of their parts Left Over Jack are a trio who are able to fuse Americana and gloop in a manner which engages those from which ever continent.

Left Over Jack have been able to cement confidence in their core sound which is reflected in the closing track of the four on the EP The Leftover Sessions – (Who’s Gonna) Want Your Love.


The Leftover Sessions – EP – Left Over Jack is available on iTunes.*

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*Purchases made through the iTunes link will result in Emerging Indie Bands earning a commission.