Sloom – Waiting For You – Video

The Australian psychedelic-grunge outfit Sloom were introduced earlier this year.

Sloom - Waiting For You


A new song was made available a couple of hours ago as part of a selection of newly recorded tracks.

Waiting For You does everything you would want Sloom to deliver as the psychedelic waves of sound are punctuated by grumpy punches to the midriff giving the track the delightful interjections with which their sound is synonymous.

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Chris Diamond (Vocals / Guitar), Cristian Di Paolo (Guitar), Dane Macintosh (Bass) and Jamie Graham (Drums) from Sydney in Australia form the psychedelic-grunge band Sloom.

Sloom - Psychedelic-grunge from Australia


Surfacing originally as a trio Sloom have equally advanced their sound. Echoing reverbed guitars feature heavily as the quartet take the audience on a drifting ride of trippy rock. This is not music to thrust down the neck akin to a beer glass urgently tipped seeking refill as the bell rings for last orders, rather to bring out early in the evening to settle you in the mood for a lengthy session.

Sloom take the listener on fantasy rides, which although not elongated some running to less than three minutes, have the ability to stretch the second-hand as they paint intricate imagery in which the mind gladly shrugs away the cares of the day.

A six track LP – Khaylan, when they were a trio was released last year and the follow-up with the new line-up Magic Cup (available on bandcamp) was made available last month.

Whilst recognisable for those who were around last year, by adding the second guitar and switching drumming responsibility Sloom is of marked step-up in complexity and finesse.

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