Beach Riot – Slackers – Single Review

Beach Riot is an English garage rock quartet.

Beach Riot

Beach Riot

As regular readers know I take particular delight in music which, to be fully enjoyed, needs to be played at full volume through as many speakers as are at disposal, particularly when there is distortion and it lasts less than three minutes – so it is with delight that I introduce Beach Riot. For reasons of my poor admin despite having exchanged numerous emails since early this year – I have managed to not get to them in any semblance of good order – finally – Slackers – which was released on the 12th.

One hundred and seventy one seconds of pounding rock’n’roll that strips away any loose plaster on the walls by a band you just know instinctively you want to go and party with and who I look forward to hearing more of, in short order.

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Slackers – Single – Beach Riot is available on iTunes.*

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