Skinny Is Green – Sixteen – Video

The US nu-disco duo Skinny Is Green are planning to release the LP Look In Through Me on the 29th of April.

Skinny Is Green - Sixteen

Skinny Is Green

Much changed from when last featured in 2016, Skinny In Green still, as to be expected, has the original creator of the project Rav Sitaula the new player on bass is Punit Ojha and the sound has commensurately shifted from electro-rock to synth laden dance.

The first song, from the forthcoming album (which is still seeking financial backing), is Sixteen that not only invites the listener on to the dance-floor, but also, has a more serious message of the damage of bullying – underpinning the track.

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Skinny Is Green – Watchin’ Me – Video

The US electro-rock duo Skinny Is Green are finalising details for the LP So, Who’s Watching?.

Skinny Is Green

Skinny Is Green

Combining pre-programmed electronics with live guitar, vocals and drums Skinny Is Green deliver the sound of ’70s rock soaking in an oak barrel, while adding unanticipated texturing. Think – a cocktail of Bourbon mixed with Cherry Brandy – which in theory shouldn’t work, but does – as the duo are able to place firmly to the forefront the earthy flavours that entice the palate as the sweetener gives the taste-buds an intoxicating after-kick.

From the forthcoming album – Watchin’ Me.


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