The Ska Vengers – Shut Your Mouth – Video

Why it has taken over three years to return to the Indian Ska outfit The Ska Vengers is a mystery of its own creation.

The Ska Vengers - Shut Your Mouth

The Ska Vengers

Although not a new song, nor even of a recent performance, the track Shut Your Mouth, captured live in England has this past week been made available. In the fond hope of new material, a reminder of The Ska Vengers.

Special mention is made to Karan Joseph, who died last year and plays keys in this performance.

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Ease Up – Return To Sender – Audio

The US ska quartet Ease Up, first introduced in 2013, are the second band in succession not featured for a few years, in this case, not since 2014, who have a recent single out making it an appropriate moment to catch-up.

Ease Up - Return To Sender

Ease Up

The two track plus one remix of the title song Return To Sender, is not, as the packaging suggests (as displayed in the video) a psychedelic sojourn, rather the opener and title song is played at a hectic pace that minds the listener of dance-hall on speed.

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Na’an Stop – Eponymous – LP Review

The US ska quintet Na’an Stop release their eponymous LP on the 3rd.

Na'an Stop - eponymous LP review

Na’an Stop

A nine track reveal in which the quintet put in to the display cabinet a range of ideas for consideration with songs threading through different moods and tempo allowing Na’an Stop to showcase their considerable talent, yet not surfacing as a hodgepodge of ideas, rather a roughly thirty three minute album the listener immediately wants to replay.

Opening with Lazy Suzan – a track regular readers will know, having been reviewed a couple of months ago.

Next up is Why You Runnin a song of similar temper, though with a heavier dub step.

Positivity brings a different balance to the table with a guitar led soul feel to it with piano playing a mood setter in a track that switches through tempo and mood, that minds of early summer café evenings.

Rapids skips to caribbean sunshine with deeply carved moonstomps as the notes sharply and cleanly drop in and out of earshot and my pick of the release for its booming bass.

Halfway is marked by Big Box a track which on its own is worth the cost of the LP as brass pipettes tiny breaths giving the song a broad sonic range.

You has a soundscape of its own as the instrumentation submerges behind the vocal giving it spotlight – and we are not let down as the voice is able to carry and pinpoint the stretch of octaves without faltering.

Question heads back towards soul territory with big dips that swoop through the room.

The penultimate track Hot Coffee is another track I recommend heading towards as it offers a new space for the quintet, and uniquely on the release, an intricate instrumental only composition enabling the listener to hear distinctly the structures of their songwriting.

The closer is Lady which again strikes a space of difference with acoustic guitar and vocal leading the way in a ballad and another song in which the voice shines brightly.

An album that is definitely one to add to the collection the moment it becomes available.

Na’an Stop – Na’an Stop is available on iTunes.*

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Na’an Stop – Lazy Susan – Single Review

The US Ska quintet Na’an Stop revealed Lazy Susan in the past few hours.

Na’an Stop – photo credit Eric Broadfoot

Na’an Stop – photo credit Eric Broadfoot

All that made 2 Tone Records such a great label back in the ’70s and  ’80s is contained within the just over three and a half minutes of Lazy Susan.

Underpinning the track is a soul reference point from which the dance steps evolve and the listeners finds themselves swaying across the room in unfettered abandon as trombone, trumpet, synths, bass, guitar and a plethora of vocals skip through the ears in a fusion of inclusiveness, which in 2017 is a sorely lacking commodity.

Allow yourself some space – stand up – turn up the volume – then hit play – and dance.


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Morbidly O’Beat

Peta Petidis (Vocals), Valentina Griesheimer (Alto Saxophone), Nick Ingham (Trumpet), Leo Zarucky (Trombone), Paul Kascamanidis (Guitar), Emeka Anele (Bass) and Cassie Kumashov (Drums) from Melbourne in Australia form the dancehall-ska septet Morbidly O’Beat.

Morbidly O'Beat - dancehall-ska from Australia

Morbidly O’Beat – dancehall-ska from Australia

Tickle the bass a little louder than your normal setting and clear some space in which to moon-stomp before hitting play as Morbidly O’Beat deliver their sunny disposition which lights up the room in scintillating off-beat melodies. A variety of brass chorus is given room to evoke of Caribbean originating roots from which the tiered Bass fills the ears in counter-point to the breezy guitar as percussion skips through the ears from which the siren vocals draw in the listener in pouted-lips air kisses.

With limited material to hear and one five track eponymous EP (available on bandcamp) – Morbidly O’Beat is a band to get to know in their early stages of development. Already establishing a live circuit and fan-base locally the septet are an outfit with much to add the the world of music and one can only hope that the dice of the iffy world of the industry turn up with a set of sixes as they are deserving of global reach and recognition.

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