Musculus – Shake Your Moneymaker – Video

Musculus is a Finnish stoner quintet.

Musculus - Six Pack - artwork

Musculus – Six Pack – artwork

From the LP Six Pack which was released last month the ante-penultimate of the six  – Shake Your Maker is a lighter moment on the release as Musculus allow themselves to discourse of melody and humour. That isn’t to suggest the track lacks any of the urgency of the metallics that thread through the material of the band as underlying the meniscus lays a fulminating flange of intense pulverising cohesion.

The major surprise when you first fall upon the sounds of Musculus is that the tracks typically extend beyond four minutes, sometimes approaching six. Yet they are able to convince the listener of the sense that it is all of brevity and the four and a bit minutes of Shake Your Moneymaker are tantalisingly over before you even realise it had even begun.

It may well be something to do with degrees of latitude, where vast swathes of Scandinavian Countries are sheathed in months of darkness or plenitude of light, however, time-warping reflections are not unknown and Musculus are added to the list of ‘able to expand the seconds in a minute’.

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