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The duo of Joshua Frank (Bass) and Tom Ng (Guitar / Vocals) who form the trippy-blues band Gong Gong Gong, based in Beijing (China) releases the AA side single SirenSomething’s Happening on the 9th of November.

Gong Gong Gong

Gong Gong Gong

Stripping back the sounds until the skeleton is almost visible Gong Gong Gong deliver tracks which form a primordial presence in the room.

Siren (available on bandcamp) is a composition in which the percussive guitar slips and slides beneath the melodies of the bass and textured by the hazed vocal creating the mystical demeanour of their music.

Gong Gong Gong are currently touring in the USA.


25th– Portland, OR @ Wonder Ballroom w/ Parquet Courts
27th – San Francisco, CA @ The Fillmore w/ Parquet Courts
28th – San Jose, CA @ The Ritz w/ Parquet Courts


10/07 – Brooklyn, NY @ Alphaville on w/ Eaters
10/19 – Queens, NY @ Outpost Artists Resources


30th – Washington DC @ Black Cat w/ Flasher, Public Practice


3rd – Cleveland, OH @ Beachland Tavern w/ Flasher, Public Practice
4th – Chicago, IL @ The Hideout w/ Flasher, Public Practice
5th – Columbus, OH @ Ace of Cups w/ Flasher, Public Practice
12th – Patterson, NJ @ The Red Wheelbarrow w/ Flasher, Public Practice

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The alt-rock trio of Holly Carter (Guitar / Vocals), Lauren Cooper (Bass / Vocals) and Lucie Hart (Drums / Vocals) from London in England form the band BERRIES.

BERRIES - alt-rock from England


Launching themselves into the world this year BERRIES have already been able to secure gigs across parts of the UK and it will surely be only a matter of a short-moment before they are able to secure wider geographical presence.

With only three songs I have been able to hear – each very different – BERRIES demonstrate versatility of delivery and song-writing which on the basis of what I have heard threads through blues infused folk-rock, stomper-rock and classic rock ‘n’ roll which only makes the listener want to get the opportunity to hear more.

Their defining similarity of tracks are cliff-edge snaps in the drum that gives the material a clean backdrop from which guitar, bass and vocals are able to channel their directions of travel, as, wherever they head the audience finds their body moving in unison.

The latest track by BERRIES, which surfaced a few days ago – Siren deploys the guitar in razor sharp taught strings which gives the piece a sense of camera negatives. Regular readers will know my particular penchant for bass and when it takes over the scissoring from guitar in the latter sections, the song appears to revert to normal colour perspective. Though I do have to add, the inversions work superbly and I look forward to writing more about the trio over the years.

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SIREN is a rock band from Pesaro in Italy comprising – Samuel Frondero (Lead Vocals / Guitar), Jack Nardini (Lead Guitar / Vocals), Marcus Kawaka (Bass / Vocals / Synth) and Mark McKenzie (Drums).

SIREN - rock from Italy


With chorus lines you can shout out in chant even on first hearing SIREN have grasped the essential demands of rock fans. Bellowing bass is joined by boisterous percussion to lay down the rapid progressions of the sound, whilst the two guitars wail around the room in joyful exuberance, to which the vocal scours a line of acidity and to finish the compositions the underplayed synth is able to invest swathes of parallel layers.

Formed just over a couple of years ago, SIREN have honed both their stage craft and song-writing skills to enable them to deliver melody and precision with an easy flow of material, that draws the ears ever more closely. This is music that flows around the world and I look forward to them finding the wider space they richly deserve in the crowded genre of rock, as the quartet have been able to carve out a discernible area of their own.


The Row – Siren is available on iTunes.*

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