Sir Reg – FOOL (Fight of Our Lives) – Audio

The Sweden based celtic-rock sextet Sir Reg release the LP Underdogs later this year.

Sir Reg - photo by Jonas Lööw

Sir Reg – photo by Jonas Lööw

Why is has taken me since 2013 to come back to feature Sir Reg again, I have little idea, however I am delighted to rectify the situation with the barnstorming first track to surface from the album – FOOL (Fight of Our Lives).

Turn up the volume, clear some space and dance with all that makes music such a wonderful medium for expression.

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SIR REG is Brendan Sheehy (Vocals / Guitar), Karin Ullvin (Fiddle), Chris Inoue (Electric Guitar), Mats (bouzouki) and Erik Dahlqvist (Drums) a celtic rock band from Köping in Sweden.

SIR REG - Celtic rock from Sweden


Originally from Dublin in Eire, Brendan moved to Sweden and from there emerged SIR REG combining elements of Swedish thinking to Celtic Rock and the resulting out-put is a flaming blaze of pure enjoyment. Like a tornado, the music bursts out of the speakers in a frenetic pace, sweeping the listener off their feet into an impromptu céilidh and it is inevitable that the feet will start to tap away whilst a smile spreads across the face.

Whilst all the players add immensely to the sound the spotlight shines on the fiddle which flashes formidable force. Just when you think the pace can’t get any more frenetic, so SIR REG whirl the audience around the floor ever faster until finally collapsing  with head spinning. Whilst music to cheer the mind there is a rusting edge to the sounds, which marks out the material giving it a perspective of considering the realities of the world around.

This is a band to play after a dreary week in a dreary job with red bills piling up unopened in the dustbin and SIR REG will lift the spirits putting it all into perspective.

21st Century Loser – SIR REG is available on iTunes*.

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