Killing Kuddles

Killing Kuddles is the new-wave trio of Elwood KuddlesSteven Walker and Adrian Hruszkewycz from Atlanta, Georgia in the USA.

Killing Kuddles -new-wave from the USA

Killing Kuddles -new-wave from the USA

If ever music was made for the throttle pogo Killing Kuddles realise it with their foot to floorboard freneticism, which can’t but have you minded of CBGBS ’75-78. The abandonment and free-form thought of the creations, which reflect of a world in which they find much to disagree is directly hurled though the speakers and in the music you hear pulsating around the room.

No matter how much you move everything out-of the way, you will still crash into something in a wild sense of oblivion. If you are still supine after hitting play, I think you are probably reading the wrong website and the excitement of a weather forecast may be more appropriate.

Disparaging bass throws itself around the walls, whilst a scatter of percussion fires shots around the head as a basic chord structure on the guitar expresses all that is needed and the vocal leaves palpable traces of phlegm in the eardrums – what more does music need?


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