Golding – Feel Alone – Single Review

Golding is an alt-indie band from England with the single Feel Alone due for release on the 14th of March.



Pirouettes of reverberating guitar fuse one into the other as Golding introduce a track of many layers. Feel Alone has a sense of melancholia which is delivered through the flat extensions of the vocal that are carried away mournfully by the smartly marching procession of percussion whilst the bass rumbles like carriage wheels.

As Feel Alone evolves so the sense of desperate loss intensifies with the voice from reaching evocative flat harmonies becomes a wretched cry of loneliness as the guitars flail into sympathetic clawing whilst the bass reflects of a heart beat rising into panic ant the drums continue their ever more pronounced tidy footsteps as though mimicking the inevitability of the ensuing vacuum that results when the four minutes and thirty two seconds of the song conclude.

The only thing to do to fill the void – is to play Feel Alone through once again.


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Eva Black – All For You – Single Review

The English blues-rock quartet Eva Black made their latest single available yesterday.

Eva Black

Eva Black

All For You is a track with a big sound as Eva Black open wide the structure of a gritty-blues number that soars around the room as though in a large stadium setting. This is not a sound to constrict to a set of earphones as All For You has the ability to fill the largest spaces and sounds better for it.

A solid anchor is laid by the precise bass that holds the structure together, this allows the drum to travel between setting the tempo and travelling around the kit as a flight guide for the guitars which break into luxurious soliloquies, without ever loosing the point of where the track is heading. The vocal, which has a smokers / whisky drinkers rasp gives All For You its grittiness.

Eva Black, in All For You, demonstrate their ability to create music that soars, without needing to put their foot on the accelerator pedal or the volume buttons as they have been able to capture a sound that holds the attention and fills the room with melodious power-blues.


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Ohboy! – Carrot & The Stick – Single Review

The English retro-indie quintet Ohboy! release the single Carrot & The Stick on the 22nd.

Ohboy! - Carrot And The Stick - artwork

Ohboy! – Carrot And The Stick – artwork

Minding of a club full of MDMA – Carrot & The Stick takes the listener back to the early ’90s as the drifting notes slowly unfurl their way around the room to an insistent drum keeping the body moving whilst the lyric, which flows virtually unheeded, swirls around the head.

The popping colours Ohboy! utilise and musical references, rather than sounding two decades too late, provide a welcome update. Though reminding the listener of the sadness of the lack of Factory Records and The Haçienda the quintet are able to bring to the audience both a reminder of what was, whilst adding a sublime update of what is – leaving the mind satiated.

Carrot & The Stick doesn’t aim to challenge the listener, rather wrap them in a warm cloak of recollection and simultaneously offer an update of musical concurrence.


Carrot and the Stick – Single – Ohboy! is available on iTunes.*

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The One2s – No One Sings The Songs We Sing – Single Review

The US alt-rock band The One2s are currently working their début LP for release later in the year.

The One2s - No One Sings The Songs We Sing

The One2s

Made available on bandcamp on the 16th No One Sings The Songs We Sing has a superb gothic fuzziness to it, that although the song last for just under six minutes you find wishing was even longer and need to hit replay immediately.

The subtle interplay between the two guitars allows The One2s to create almost tangible textures while the subdued bass gives the track a brooding presence as the sniping percussion adds to the menace and the vocal slides around the room in luscious tones. No One Sings The Songs We Sing is a track The One2s are able to invest immense presence through the quiet delivery and just because it is necessary, I am off to play this once again.

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Meltybrains? – Heartfelt Hummer – Single Review

It has been almost three years since the Irish ambient-electro-rock quintet Meltybrains? were last featured.

Meltybrains? - photo by James Craven

Meltybrains? – photo by James Craven

Heartfelt Hummer was made available a few hours ago and is immediately recognisable. The distinctive use of various instruments and electronics blanket the room in muffled calmness from which ponderous waxing and waning flickering shadowy off-stage sounds steep their way into the ears.

Meltybrains? is able to deliver music that is simultaneously becalming and unnerving, as the hidden menacing ponderous presence stills its way into the bones of the audience.

I only hope it doesn’t take me another three years to get back to Meltybrains? as their material always fills the mind with a haunting gentleness that adds much to the day.

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