Park Planet – The Ba Bang – Single Review

The Scottish glitch-wave outfit Park Planet surfaced with a new track yesterday.

Park Planet - The Ba Bang

Park Planet

Prior to listening to The Ba Bang, do make sure the windows and doors are opened, not to cause maximum disturbance to others rather the reverse, as, regardless of the volume, like a shaken bottle of fizz, on uncorking the track a wave of pressure bursts out of the speakers that otherwise would break door hinges and window glass.

Always, on receipt of a note by Park Planet that there is a new song about, I never quite know what I will be invited to hear, though I do know it will always be an aural feast of unbridled proportions and The Ba Rang, with its ebbing and froing wooshes of synthesis, which has an industrial dystopia to the soundtrack, is a further example.

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Johnny Kills – Who’s Counting? – Single Review

The English garage-surf band Johnny Kills released the single Who’s Counting? on the 4th.

Johnny Kills - photo credit - 66photography99

Johnny Kills – photo credit – 66photography99

With a fuzzier glow to it than previous material of theirs in Who’s Counting, Johnny Kills, deliver a track which is right on point here in England, where the sun is bright the day is lazy and all seems well with life, other than – lyrically – the track ponders the fraught fear of a new relationship, where it is easy to hang on every turn of phrase to find a hidden meaning of rejection that never was there in the first place. Paradoxically this juxtaposition of hazy summer days and introspective turmoil merely adds to the calming analogue feeling hum of the music in to which the listener lays back with nary a care to bask in the warmth.

Who’s Counting? – Single – Johnny Kills is available on iTunes.*

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Sophomore – Ghost Rider – Single Review

The Swedish triphop project Sophomore released the  track Ghost Rider yesterday.

Sophomore - triphop


The mesmeric music metamorphoses the mind in its meandering, mellow, mystical, modulating moderation.

An approaching five minutes track of beguiling downtempo ambient electronica from which the listener has no desire to escape its tranquillising hypnosis – marks another welcome return to Sophomore, an infrequently featured musical project on the site.

As regular readers know, I always use an audio embed where possible, as the quality of sound is far better, though on this occasion I offer both the audio and the video, with the video, that includes police radio communication being a self-explanation of the track title – no one dies, no shots are fired, there are no injuries in fact nothing unexpected happens at all – until the very end, where how the video ties completely with the song title is revealed.

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Sketti Tangles – The Long Way Down – Single Review

The Australian gazewave project Sketti Tangles released the single The Long Way Down on the 29th of June.

Sketti Tangles

Sketti Tangles

With a back catalogue of material which is has seen frequent changes of shapes in sound The Long Way Down continues with the heritage in a track which is tinted with hazy cinematography.

The slowly paced composition gradually uncurls its breadth of both natural and synthesised instrumentation,through which the distanced vocal weaves its tempting trail, leaving the listener with a tranquil mind as though having undertaken a half an hour meditation rather than a little less than three and a quarter minutes of aural massage.

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The Long Way Down – Sketti Tangles is available on iTunes.*

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*Purchases made through the iTunes link will result in Emerging Indie Bands earning a commission.

Capital Soirée – Lake Tides / Almost So Close – Single Review

The US synth-rock trio Capital Soirée released the AA side single Lake Tides / Almost So Close on the 29th of June.

Capital Soirée - photo by @sarahbeidatsch

Capital Soirée – photo by @sarahbeidatsch

Each track on Lake Tides / Almost So Close (which is available on bandcamp) illuminates different perspectives of Capital Soirée.

Lake Tides is a creamy flow of hazy melodic gazewave which settles quietly in to the room generating a sense of calmness as it places soft hands on nearby furrowed brows.

Almost So Close, which is my pick of the two, takes a deeper breath prior to flowing out of the speakers with the listener being transported to ’80s synthwave.

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