The Cut Losses – Spending Time On My Own – Single Review

The Canadian dream-gaze project The Cut Losses which centres around Patrick McWilliams have recently released their début single Spending Time On My Own.

The Cut Losses

The Cut Losses

There is a scent of patchouli oil that permeates the room as the elastic notes of The Cut Losses draw on long bongs of kaleidoscopic colours which exhale whimsical meanderings of stretched guitar whilst precise percussion sits in stark contrast to the dreamy spires of strings. The vocal spirals into the ears akin to moulding plasticine to the auricular.

The Cut Losses draw on influences of ’70s psychedelia, whilst giving it a brush up to have a coherency that fits with the ’10s.

Although the audience can relax into the sound, there is a sense that The Cut Losses are working a little too hard to be not quite what they are, as it all sounds a little contrived in an attempt to be interesting, in similar vein to a suburbanite trying to be an Urban Street Rapper. This is a project that has much to add to the world of music and the sooner they stop apologising for being middle-class misfits pretending to be working-class revolutionaries and accept that they are what they are, the more I sense they will have to offer.

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The Separators – Go Here Go There – Single Review

The US indie-rock trio The Separators released the three track single Go Here Go There on the 12th.

The Separators

The Separators

Unlike as may be expected by the name of the band The Separators create music which finds the audience joining in unison with the engaging sounds.

The title track and opener Go Here Go There immediately bonds with the listener like superglue as the energetic bursts of bubbles shower the ears in catchy progressions and rather than using their power to create volume, like a skilled boxer, impressively spring around the ring placing powerful jabs as The Separators lay out their distinguishing compact melodious rock.

Can I Be Yours? is another track that throws out its arms in welcoming embrace to the audience as the trio deliver a track of slightly higher tempo, while still giving themselves the room to develop the theme. Given that no track on the single last for even three minutes and this one only just over two and a half, it is clear evidence of their ability to carve out ideas and deliver them without any need to flummery, yet instinctively make the listener feel part of what is happening and not feel there are missing elements.

Closing out  Go Here Go There (which is available on bandcamp) is my pick of the release – Friday Night with a skittish drum opening that grabs the feet to the dance-floor before evolving into a number that contains some stunningly delivered flats that linger long in the memory.

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Northwest – Look at Me – Single Review

The English melancholic-romance project Northwest released the two track single Look At Me on the 14th.

Northwest - Look At Me


Voluminous echoing open chambers open up to the listener as Northwest deliver in Look At Me an ethereal expansiveness. The scattered sounds are illuminated by their sparsity and the listener is left with a sense of isolation as the spaces create a void into which the mind finds itself drawn.

Very different to previous material featured Look At Me has an untouchable, intangible, intrigue that finds the replay button being hit immediately the track completes its journey into the unknown.

The slowly developing electronics which thread their way through the track that disappear as they quietly appear, gives Look At Me its sense of mystery allowing the listeners mind to drift into its own course of imagination, as the stunning vocal cuts angular slices into the slowly striding synths.

The B side is an extended instrumental version of Look At Me.

Look at Me – Single – Northwest is available on iTunes.*

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Jesse Ruben – This Is Why I Need You – Single Review

Jesse Ruben is a US contemplative-rock songwriter.

Jesse Ruben

Jesse Ruben

I regularly ask readers to send through music they particularly enjoy and although this breaks every ‘style guideline’ – most prominently – it is a release review that is over seven days since release, but being the Editor means from time to time the guides can be torn up and thanks to Haille also from Brooklyn in the USA who made contact of a song on their playlist.

This Is Why I  Need You is perhaps a cathartic song for Jesse who found himself running the New York Marathon inspiring him to write a song of incentivisation and discovering support for his thoughts found himself in strong demand, only to be struck down by Lymes Disease when aspirations became more constricted.

This Is Why I Need You has a demure, thoughtful, content that slips into the ears in folds of contemplative melting chocolate as the lilting instrumentation skips around the room, only to be met by an introspective gracious lyric and emotionally connective vocal that spins so far away from many of the brash sounds of Brooklyn that regularly feature on the website, which for its geography makes Jesse Ruben worthy of consideration, of greater import is the ability to deliver a track that has a thumping impact, even when whispered through the lowest sound settings, for its singular composition and natural poetry.


This Is Why I Need You – Single – Jesse Ruben is available on iTunes.*

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Sandals – Dust Bowl – Single Review

Sandals is the new lo-fi project of Ben Morin from Canada – formulated on the 31st of December.



One of the immense pleasures of being the editor of Emerging Indie Bands is the ability to discover the new and an idea only days old is exactly why this website exists. Of even greater joy is that musicians feel able to send through new ideas, knowing they will not be harangued for being so fresh out of the blocks. Today the only introduction I have replied to with a complete no-no was one by Warner Records with a bureaucracy of PR and Marketing people creating ‘just the right image’ who thought their introduction would be of great excitement. Sandals, however, I do ask you to find time of day to consider.

Dust Bowl (which is available on bandcamp) lasts for two and a half minutes of simultaneously compressed and inflated whisperings of lo-fi haziness as dreamy loops of guitar swoop around the room in billowing clouds of fuzz, whilst a pedantic drum-pad chases the sounds around the ears like a pedagogue only for the echoing vocal to frustrate any such ideas, leaving the listener in a relaxed mood for a multitude of minutes longer than the track lasts.

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