Surfwax – Solid Foods – Single Review

The US angst-rock trio Surfwax released the single Solid Foods on the 11th.

Surfwax - Solid Foods

Surfwax – Solid Foods

Although having been around for less than a year Surfwax have sought to balance both live performances with continual releases for those unable to get to their shows and Solid Foods (available on bandcamp) is the fourth track to appear over the past four months in three releases.

As they are still in developmental stages each track has a slightly different feel though always compacted within hard hitting bass that pulses off the walls. In Solid FoolsSurfwax deliver a just over three minute track that has a menacing undercurrent with guitar being given an extended run out to lighten the mood momentarily about half-way through the song prior to percussion and bass closing in again encasing the composition in darkness as the intense vocal hurls its frustrations, like an ice-pick, through the inner ear and straight into the listeners cerebral cortex.

I enjoyed Surfwax when I first came across their path, Solid Foods enhances my enthusiasm for a trio I hope will be around for many a year to come.

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Camel Blues Band – Hot Head – Single Review

The psychedelic-rock quartet, Camel Blues Band,  from the USA – released their début single – Hot Head – on the 11th.

Camel Blues Band

Camel Blues Band

Newly out of the blocks with a couple of local shows behind them the initial single Hot Head marks for an intriguing journey and one I hope that  continues for many years to come.

The combinations of instrumentation and synths allows Camel Blues Band to deliver a sound that has a warmth to it that immediately beckons the listener to tarry. Solid bass lines are torn by fused guitar that encircles the percussion as the slightly echoed vocal swims around the room.

In Hot Head (available on bandcamp) the quartet are able , in a track not lasting even three minutes,  to pack in a kaleidoscope of colours whilst not wandering into heavy tripping territory yet leaving the audience feeling they have been on an expansive carpet ride.

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Noga Erez – Dance While You Shoot – Single Review

The Israeli glitch-hop creator Noga Erez released her début single Dance While You Shoot on the 2nd.

Noga Erez - photo credit - Lior.K - Music Photography

 Noga Erez – photo credit –  Lior.K – Music Photography

Ruffle up the curtains and let the swooping bass buckle the window panes. Noga Erez in Dance While You Shoot launches music across the room that needs to have sub-woofers set to low and volume turned high – if you are intending to listen to this on the tinny output of a mobile phone, or a tablet, with or without ear-plugs – change the play back vehicle and harness a full speaker audio enabled device and revel in the collisions of tweeters and bass speakers colliding against each other as they circumnavigate the room in bellowing waves of sound.

Those who know the site well, are aware that laying next to me as I write music reviews is an elderly Pekingese by the name of Gnotti and he rarely comments on the music hurling around the room – on Dance While You Shoot – he felt the desire to join in with quizzical barks – which given that he puts up with me with my irregular hours and continual noise, infrequently passing any interest – is a testament that you too will be moved and if you aren’t is perhaps indicative that you are reading the wrong the site to discover the best developing acts from around the globe.


Dance While You Shoot – Single – Noga Erez is available on iTunes.*

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Fight Fathers – She Wanted Storms – Single Review

Fight Fathers is a progressive rock trio from England who released their début single She Wanted Storms on the 28th of October.

Fight Fathers

Fight Fathers

Back since in early October this has been hanging around in my inbox whilst Alex and I have been chatting about climbing mountains in the intervening period and became waylaid in Tajikistan by way of Tanzania – so my apologies to one and all for the delay in getting to the grist of the mill.

She Wanted Storms is a just under five minute stretch of angular acrobatic display as Fight Fathers combine mathematical rock with free flowing tumbrils of sound which calmly weave their way around the room leaving the listener entranced by the contemplative melodies and spectacular spandrels that circumnavigate the ears.


She Wanted Storms – Single – Fight Fathers is available on iTunes.*

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The Extons – I Won’t Leave Lonely – Single Review

The English alt-rock quartet The Extons released their début single I Won’t Leave Lonely on the 26th of October.

The Extons

The Extons

Having been around for a little while, the only surprise is that it has taken so long to surface with recorded material for those of us who haven’t had a chance to see their live shows – with good fortune that has now been rectified with the thumper of a track I Won’t Leave Lonely and I look forward to hearing more in short order.

The Extons deliver music for those who want a bit of roll with their rock as within the just over three and a third minutes of I Won’t Leave Lonely the listener is taken across seven decades of rock ‘n’ roll yet never straying from the point. Furious percussion is met by hard rock guitar with bass two stepping while vocal that reminds of Ray Davies soars around the room.

Declutter the furniture – grab a partner – turn up the volume, hit play and jive.

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I Won’t Leave Lonely – Single – The Extons is available on iTunes.*

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*Purchases made through the iTunes link will result in Emerging Indie Bands earning a commission.