Mellor – Tri-State Blues – Single Review

On the 20th, the English indie-rockers Mellor release the single Tri-State Blues.

Mellor - photo credit - Jodie Mitchell Photography

Mellor – photo credit – Jodie Mitchell Photography

The just over three and five sixths of a minutes track is, as suggested on the tin, drawn from US blues tradition as the growling dirty notes scurry across the floor enveloping the audience in dusty gritty guitar and percussion to which the quartet add a distinctly UK spin with Tri-State Blues developing in to a anthemic pub-rock derived stomper as the distinctive vocal winds its way through the room.

Mellor have once again revealed a song that adds to the tapestry of global music and one to be added to the collection of – good time rock’n’roll.

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Night Drive – Anyone’s Ghost – Single Review

The US new-romantics outfit Night Drive released the single Anyone’s Ghost on the 12th.

Night Drive - photo by Brian Gray Photography

Night Drive – photo by Brian Gray Photography

Transporting the listener back to the early ’80s with the follow-up to their eponymous and début LP of last year, Night Drive in Anyone’s Ghost (which is available on bandcamp) fill the room with luscious threads of silky synth with the delayed vocal dissolving in to cascading echoes as the drums can be felt taking over the pace of the heart and the listener finds themselves unwittingly rolling their body in syncopated waves.

Their music is always heart-warming and can be brought out at any party to keep the good vibes flowing long in to the dawn-light and it is of no surprise they are fast gaining traction.


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The Kerbs – Creep – Single Review

The Irish alternative rock quartet The Kerbs released the single Creep today.

The Kerbs

The Kerbs

Formed less than a year ago The Kerbs have left the starting blocks at a fair old pace and thus far have managed to reveal two previous singles as well as start to establish a live performance circuit, with plans for a five track EP later in the year. Having had the opportunity to wander through the three songs I am looking forward to hearing much more from these able musicians and recommend adding them to your playlist.

Creep has a sultry South American dance rhythm that melts into the heart of the listener while the combinations of the two six string guitars, one semi-acoustic the other electric, form a mesmeric romantic layering as the bass pops in and out of focus akin to a lighthouse beam whilst a rich vocal lays the room with a luxurious thick carpet in which to sink the toes and although the composition and narrative is of vulnerability after rejection – the audience is left feeling far from rejected, rather brimming with the self-confidence and bathed in the warm glow of a flirtatious glance.

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Creep – Single – The Kerbs is available on iTunes.*

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Wharves – High School Hero – Single Review

The Australian new wave quartet Wharves revealed their newest single a few hours ago.



High School Hero is a rock’n’roll derived number to which Wharves have tuned up the engine to deliver a gothic steeped vocal surrounded by an unstoppable bass that has the listeners feet stamping in time within half a bar while loosely tied drum-skins sink deep inside the rims giving the track an ever darker shadow through which glorious fretwork shimmers.

In High School Hero Wharves have been able to create a track which has a natural flow and and primordial beat that seeps directly in to the audiences marrow and is one of those songs that demonstrate the power of music to infect those it touches and lift their day to a better place.


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Oranj Son – Radio Wires – Single Review

The English synth-rock trio Oranj Son release the single Radio Wires tomorrow.

Oranj Son

Oranj Son

Combining sweeping synth with dreamy vocal Radio Wires is a track that the listener immediately puts on the shortlist to consider for playing at their own funeral as the haunting beauty fills the mind with retrospective memories, as if that wasn’t enough of a delight, the bustling drum-kit and expansive guitar create a feeling not of loss, rather of enthused optimism.

It is of no surprise that, with their delicately balanced creativity, Oranj Son are fast gaining traction and it can only before a matter of a short while before they become a far more globally recognised sound. I look forward to following their progression over the coming years.

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