The Million Reasons – Dizzy – Single Review

The US blues-rock quartet The Million Reasons released the one track plus one remix single Dizzy on the 14th.

The Million Reasons

The Million Reasons

The original version of Dizzy (available on bandcamp) is a heading towards five and three quarters minutes of finely blended and calmly delivered melodious balmy blues-rock. Meandering through the room in filters of a progressive psychedelic lens The Million Reasons have created a song in to which the listener unhitches from the world around and loses themselves in immersive imaginations of their own with little desire to reconnect once the song has drifted in to silence.

Even the radio friendly cut runs to over four minutes, though inevitably, I do recommend the original over the snipped song.

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wwoman – FOA – Single Review

The US groovemove project wwoman revealed the song FOA on Friday.



If you have ever been to a ’70s themed disco night or were attending at the time – you will know exactly what to expect on hitting play – if you haven’t it may come as something of a surprise in to what affairs they can quickly turn.

The quivering synths invite the listener to a dimly lit corner of the dance-floor for a knee trembler as the insistent beat soaks in to the spine with the electronica wrapping through the hips and pressing closer and with a matching desire while the vocal whispers breathily in to the ears.

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Tuvaband – Wolfpack – Single Review

The Germany based, Norwegian, etherealwave project centred around Tuva Hellum Marschhäuser who performs as Tuvaband released the single Wolfpack on the 13th.

Tuvaband - Photo by Stefan Roehrich

Tuvaband – Photo by Stefan Roehrich

Originally formed as a duo Wolfpack is the first song to be revealed that reflects of the new Tuvaband reconfiguration.

Rather than layering the song with antonyms of sound the track has a mellowed flow of synonyms that melt one in to the other creating just over four and a half minutes of dreamy ambient harmonised electronica that wraps softly around the spectral voice and leaves the listener becalmed from the daily travails of life.

Continuing to secure gigs across Europe forthcoming appearances in Iceland and Germany can only enhance the reach of a more than capable musician.


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The Attics – Ultramarine – Single Review

The Australian indie quartet The Attics released the single Ultramine on the 6th.

The Attics

The Attics

Dipping spoons into trippy rock, indie dance and dreamwave rather than coming up with a recipe that satiates no-one The Attics are able, in Ultramine (available on bandcamp), to create a margin under three minutes of music which suits the diaspora of palates they invite to their table.

Fleet of foot on entering the room the track is able to to switch pace in swooping movements that affords a creamy consistency, while a pitching guitar gives the light headed mood through which the skippy beat of percussion proffers the lead to the dance-floor with the vocal centering the overall sound.

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From Apes To Angels – Mere Mortal – Single Review

It is always a delight to return to the English synthwave duo From Apes To Angels who first featured in 2015.

From Apes To Angels - Mere Mortal

From Apes To Angels

On the 30th they will be releasing their latest single Mere Mortal – a track that takes the listener back to Sheffield in the late ’70s and early ’80s – which is somehow appropriate given that one half of the duo is from Sheffield.  Once again rather than sounding a pastiche of what has gone before From Apes To Angels are able turn the retrospective references in to a song which is suitably attired for today, with its busier tempo.

Word also arrives that this year has more to come, with possibilities of further collaborations, more singles and the possibility of an EP or LP – I look forward to firming up on news.

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