Lael Summer

Lael Summer is a soul singer / song writer from New York in the USA with a new twelve track LP – Burden To Bear – set for official release on the 21st January 2014.

Lael Summer - Soul singer from the USA

Lael Summer

This marks the first time for the various sites over the past four and a half years of reviews that a second generation has been introduced as Lael is the daughter of Marla Mase who was first introduced back in December 2010.

This has been a long delayed introduction and one I am pleased to be able to rectify as Lael brings to life, with a punchy and gritty, a style and genre which regularly sits as nothing more than wall-paper music.

Reflecting on some aspects of her life Lael offers thoughts of some of the darker inward perspectives and insecurities. Whilst there are many singers and musicians who also do this, they often sit subsumed within a band. Here there is the voice alone on which the mind focuses. Not only does the material offer insight it also works as the voice is able to carry it off, as that is where the spotlight lays. I raise my hat to Lael for being able to deliver her thoughts emotively and in a manner which engages the listener.

The LP, which I don’t intend to review track by track, provides approaching fifty minutes of heart-felt outpouring, traversing through R&B, Soul Funk and Bossa Nova.

I wish Lael Summer every success with the release of Burden To Bear and her future career.


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Garry Pitcairn

Garry Pitcairn is vehicle for the singer / songwriter / multi instrumentalist Gabriele Maruti from Milan in Italy to expose an avenue of symbolic rock, with Steve Lions on drums.

Garry Pitcairn - symbolic rock from Italy

Garry Pitcairn

Step back from the freneticism of the day and settle back for an engaging ride with Garry Pitcairn. Metaphors abound in the visual contextualisations that drift across the floor before rising in a haze of a delayed smoke bomb and the  listener is suddenly enveloped in a mist of languid tumerity, such are the paroxysms of the music.

A diversity of subsumed instrumentals are proffered to the ears, each melting into the next and it is only after a moment under the anaesthetic that the audience finds they are transfixed in an array of textures. There is a vocal context, however that too is fluxed inside the landscape, this is music to enjoy for its evocatism.

If none of the above helped – think melting chocolate infused with cream – luxuriant in the extreme.

I thank Sefano of Danza Records for putting up with my vitriol over his emails introducing Garry Pitcairn – hey I even managed to argue over the population of The Pitcairns, which perhaps is an indicator of how a band speaking to me directly will get a better response than an intermediary with a ‘cut and paste’ press release gumph.

Most importantly – a delightful score I recommend spending some time to enjoy.


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