Ali Ingle

Ali Ingle is a singer / songwriter from Liverpool in England.

Ali Ingle - photo by Dave Turley Photography

Ali Ingle – photo by Dave Turley Photography

When quietly ploughing a furrow of his own Ali Tingle is a musician to savour like a finely aged bottle Pétrus – sure you can guzzle it in a quaff, but to do so is to miss the point and the longer the music lingers around the ears, the more complex the sounds.

On the surface – indie-pop – but to just drift the outer-wrapping is to miss the foodstuff – as Ali Tingle provides compositions of social commentary. As long-term readers know, I will always attempt to find time to let you know of creators who excoriate their souls for the edification of others.

As you would anticipate, I find the radio friendliness of much of it a touch grating and it is of little surprise plastic DJs on plastic radio stations are whipping the current songs on to their play-lists. However, as you have a more discerning music taste than the merely simplistic, I hope, like me, you will find the time and space to explore deeper than the shiny tin-foil.

With fortune Ali will gain the confidence to extrapolate himself from the entrails of mainstream tat and concentrate on his real creativity, which is to be found deeper in the catalogue of sounds.


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The Angeles Project

The Angeles Project is the eroto-synth songwriter Mimi R. from Los Angeles in the USA – who works closely with the producer Andrew Brassell.

The Angeles Project - eroto-synth from the USA

The Angeles Project

The Angeles Project insists you are unadorned of clothing with a partner in horizontal pose as the freedom of expression demands equilibrium of the audience. New on the scene at the end of March there is nothing to do than want to envelope yourself in the luxuriant unction extended through the speakers as a sultry vocal massages oils into intertwined bodies.

Combining synthetic production with lustrous vocal is a complexity which oft results in the anodyne, The Angeles Project is able to reposition the sounds to enveloping eroticism that folds the body in warming textures of extravaganza.

Sadly with only three songs to hear thus far – there is an unfulfilled orgasm, it stands currently as more of a doorstep kiss –  and I look forward to the triple LP we all need, as what there is available enthuses of more than a knee-trembler, more for an evening, night and breaking dawn of exploration.

I look forward to hearing more of The Angeles Project as does the owner of the thigh I currently nuzzle.


Radio – Single – The Angeles Project is available on iTunes*.

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Clay Dudash

Clay Dudash is the indie folk outfit centred around Clay Dudash from Tucson in The USA.

Clay Dudash - indie folk from The USA

Clay Dudash

Before you hit play, don flares and throw over some beads, stand up and shake as you hit play, the rest will occur naturally. Retro sits well in the right hands and Clay Dudash has the right hands to provide music which rattles around the scintillated body. Through utilisation of additional players and vocal the balance of the material is allowed to flow smoothly through the room.

Expect no surprises in the space as Clay Dudash casts an acerbic eye across the landscape, providing a running commentary, whilst providing a conductor to strike an earth through which the bolts of lighting, expounded in the lyric, can ground themselves.

The resonance of the output lies in the contradiction betwixt lyric and the mellow mood of  the music, which is precisely the footprint in which Dylan excelled.

More time and personal confidence, may perhaps allow Dudash the resilience to write more explicit protest songs for the 21st Century. It will be interesting to see if he takes up the cudgels of his own personal perspective of the world in a more direct manner, I hope he does and then we will have something of lasting memory.

For now, I recommend getting to know Clay Dudash in the embryonic stages.

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Kramies based in Colorado in the USA is an Avant-garde solo performer Kramies Windt.

Kramies - singular music from The USA


Combining electronics and instrumental Kramies delivers a sound which washes over the ears like suds of soap. Somewhat experimental, the sounds are delivered within the edges of the envelope and traverse a path of connected points, allowing the listener to settle back and enjoy.

The fusion of synthesised sounds and acoustic guitar enables Kramies to deliver an out-put which has the listener holding on to the entrails to be buffeted in a combination of the cognizable and the futuristic. Whilst that may sound as-though it may be a self-indulgence the material offers more than self adulation as the ears are captivated by the constructs which offer familiarity and newness.

There is a reason why you read the website and it isn’t because I find the mainstream bands of tomorrow, rather ponder the musicians you may not otherwise hear. I thank you for allowing me to indulge your ears with music of the underground which adds a scintilla to the day and Kramies suit the brief like a well fitting glove. Ever to be obscure, but the world is a better place for it.


The Wooden Heart – EP – Kramies is available on iTunes

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Harry Gump

Harry Gump from Rottenburg an der Laaber (you just knew that had to be in Germany) is Harry plus players as and when needed for live and recorded performance – an alt-folk songwriter.

Harry Gump - alt-folk from Germany

Harry Gump

There is so much to enjoy here with Harry Gump – I am not sure where to start….

The frayed jeans – growling vocals sprawl across the room. The smart shoes – a clear and well structured out-put. The T-Shirt – an edge of friction. The well tailored jacket – the intellect. In summation, unhappy perspectives of the world around, set to a smart compositions.

Perchance, I was drawn to look out of the window to spot a flock of Seagulls (not the band) arguing with a murder of crows over a feeding spot, whilst both considerate of Red Kites who have recently be reintroduced into the area and I found myself listening to a sound-track that fitted the moment.

Whilst Harry has an excellent grasp of English, I do believe the vocals would be enhanced by being written in native German, where the juices could flow more naturally, though I do understand why the delivery is in English. I do hope that Harry Gump decide to revert to the home language and at that point, we may well find iconic ’60s pioneers of agit-folk would have a run for their money.


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