Gregory Tan – Remind Me Who I Am – Audio

The atmospheric-classics music creator from Singapore, Gregory Tan, released the LP – Lights Of Tomorrow – today.

Gregory Tan

Gregory Tan

Schooled as a classical musician Gregory Tan regularly composes film scores for television, film and other media, he also occasionally composes music for his own independent release and Lights Of Tomorrow, a ten track roughly thirty six minutes album (available on bandcamp) being one of those releases.

The LP, which is best engaged with in its entirety in one sitting, builds through various lead and featured instrumentation during the thread of tracks creating an album of unexpected range, tempo in an ambient aural depiction of a wandering mind unable to sleep.

My pick of the release being the antepenultimate Remind Me Who I Am.


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Jasmine Sokko – H2O – Single Review

The Singaporean melancholic-synth creator Jasmine Sokko released the single H2O on the 16th.

Jasmine Sokko

Jasmine Sokko

Theoretically H2O is a track I should be running to the hills to get away from, however, as regular readers know compositions dripping with sadness are likely to catch my attention.

I equally ask you also to set aside the cynicism you make have of the surface to allow the underlying weave of the composition, lyrical content and expressive vocal to wind its way around the room.

Although H2O is only Jasmines’ second single she has, demonstrably, an innate ability to bring together the emotional context of the song with the tools to hand, that no amount of time sitting in a lecture theatre and ‘learning by experience’ will ever equal.

Written from the perspective of being surrounded by a society of rigid norms which bear down like a vice to stultify any sense of much other than ‘behaving appropriately’ resulting in a life where chasing dreams is perceived as an abomination and even more sadly unlikely to ever achieve the promises laid out as the prizes for ‘doing the right thing’ and, to me, H2O adroitly encapsulates those thoughts aurally.

Whilst, simply for musical style, an artiste to whom I will probably not return – I wish Jasmine Sokko every success for the future, as she deserves it and a creator I anticipate you will hear much more of in the mainstream, so long as the breaks, so sadly needed in the music industry, come her way.

Thank you for doing what you do Jasmine and please keep on doing what you do.

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H2o – Jasmine Sokko is available on iTunes.*

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