Sinfiction – Kamikaze – Single Review

It has been a couple of years since the English alt-rock quartet Sinfiction last featured.

Sinfiction - Kamikaze


Their latest track Kamikaze finds them with music of sharper tempo and more punchy temper than music of their previously featured.

Clicking percussion is unexpectedly combined with expansive and soaring guitar riffs through which rising and falling vocal threads like the sun slightly obscured by hazy clouds, giving the track an impressive layering of textures as the bass steps in and out of the spotlight with synths calmly tying the elements all together.

Kamikaze is a song that runs to just over five minutes and it is a duration that is not in the least excessive as Sinfiction fill all three hundred and eleven seconds with intrigue.

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Sinfiction – 21st Century Hangman – Audio

The English indie-rock band Sinfiction revealed a new track yesterday.

Sinfiction - 21st Century Hangman


21st Century Hangman is a track in which Sinfiction demonstrate their ability to add considered melody to their repertoire. Of more substance than the last track featured earlier this year – Ugly Baby, the piece contains rich textures that confidently stride into the room as the guitar flexes muscle and the bass / percussion combinations form a solid block from which the vocal delivers a fine performance as the dips and bows are expressed sympathetically.

Having had a successful few months with an increasing live performance schedule it will be more than worth keeping an ear out for Sinfiction during 2016.

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Sinfiction – Ugly Baby – Video

Sinfiction is an indie-rock band from England.



Released on the 1st of August the single – Ugly Baby.


Ugly Baby – Single – Sinfiction is available on iTunes.*

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