The Parade

The Parade is a funk-rock band from Birmingham in England comprising – Sebastian Storm (Vocals / Guitar), Andy Foster (Bass), David O’Malley (Keyboards) and Simon Fox (Drums).

The Parade - funk-rock from England

The Parade

Formed last year The Parade offer bending guitars to the ears as they deliver a modern take of 70’s funk, a style of music I have noticed gaining traction over the past few months as current synthetics and recording techniques have enabled funk to billow with greater largesse than in original formation.

Mixing up sharply escarping stanzas with flowing electronics finds the listener involuntary shoulder swerving as the dips and grooves slide around the room.

Still in the early stages, only recently starting to take the band out on the road, there are at present only a few songs to hear by The Parade, though what I have heard indicate the quartet have the abilities to take the retro, brush down the velvet jackets and deliver a sound that has a sense of the here and now.

Back in 2013 Secret Oktober were introduced, however as with many of the bands reviewed over the years they have since dissolved and Sebastian and Andy have joined forces with two others with a very different mood music. I look forward to hearing more.


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