Forest Robots – Silhouettes Follow The Echoes – Audio

The US ambient electronica project of Fran DominguezForest Robots – released the LP Supermoon Moonlight Part One yesterday.

Forest Robots

Forest Robots

The ten track album (available on bandcamp) is best approached with plenty of time to hand to listen to the full heading towards three quarters of an hour of gently bubbling compositions, which work as a single body, rather than snatching glimpses.

Forest Robots creates, unexpectedly given the name of the project and the array of electronica deployed, music with has the effect of forming the almost tangible organic presence of a dappled moonlight flickering, through a canopy of breeze brushed leaves, in a quiet wood.

As an introduction and gateway to get a sense of the album,  the fifth song- Silhouettes Follow The Echoes.


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