From Basingstoke in England Alex Gonzato (Vocals / Guitar), Fraser Roskilly (Guitar), Jon Cullis (Guitar), Liam Kinslow (Bass) and Toby Bartlett (Drums) got together to form the indie band FlashFires.

FlashFires - Indie from England


The trio of guitars enable FlashFires to explore depths of sound which captivate the attention. The instruments are deployed, not to gain volume, rather enrich textures and the players are able to find space to thread the weaves expertly providing the audience with luscious symphonies of fret work. That isn’t to ignore all the other elements which are integral to the complete sound – the percussion chivvies along the pace and the bass accents the punctuation marks as vocal provides context.

Whilst taking their career as musicians seriously which has seen them wrangle over contracts since their inception in 2012 resulting in limited material surfacing, they still retain the infectious enthusiasm of a fresh band and their début EP The Play which comes out the 20th April is full of zest.


The Play EP – FlashFires is available on iTunes.*

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