The Age Of Colored Lizards – Stars Are Falling – Audio

The Norwegian shoegaze outfit The Age Of Colored Lizards released the EP Another Day on the 29th of March.

The Age Of Colored Lizards

The Age Of Colored Lizards

Allow yourself plenty of time to recover after hitting play as, although the four track release (available on bandcamp) last for only roughly a quarter of an hour, its hypnotic blurriness keeps brain in neutral for far longer.

Akin to watching clouds slowly drift on a summers day the gauzed reverberating guitars and voices are in a continual, yet gradual, reforming of shapes and layers as The Age Of Colored Lizards hold back the ticking of the clock.

My selection from Another Day is the closer – Stars Are Falling.

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Sugarstar – Delirious – Single Review

The Indonesian shoegaze outfit Sugarstar, released the single Delirious on the 6th.



Always maintaining an air of anonymity, despite their global audience and never getting round to releasing an album though a plethora of songs appear in odd corners of the internet, with rumours of a computer crash wiping all the masters. Sugarstar were last officially heard of back in the early ’00s with the founder, Joseph Saryuf, surfacing with his now wife Anindita Saryuf in the guise of Santamonica, who themselves last revealed news in 2015.

A couple of days ago a new track, featuring Anindita entitled Delirous surfaced which is a delicious blend of distortion and glitch.

Nothing has officially been announced, although Anindita features in the track though wasn’t part of the original line-up and yesterday Sinjintos Records, which is the brainchild of Joseph commented –   ‘After 12 years of hiatus, shoegaze band from Jakarta, Sugarstar, finally releases an official new single ‘Delirious’ featuring Anindita Saryuf‘. Whether this signifies Sugarstar are back or not remains open to conjecture.

Either way – the first song for a dozen years by Sugarstar with an official release – Delirious.

Delirious (feat. Anindita Saryuf) – Sugarstar is available on iTunes.*

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Human Colonies – Big Domino Vortex – Video

It has been over three years since the Italian shoegaze band Human Colonies last featured.

Human Colonies - Big Domino Vortex

Human Colonies

Word arrives that a new EP is in the offing and the first track to appear from the forthcoming release is Big Domino Vortex – A just over two and a half minutes song of distortion and blurred guitar.

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French Leave

French Leave loosely base in Leicester in the UK is the shoegaze trio of Chris (Vocals / Guitar), Olly (Drums / Samples) and Rich (Bass).

French Leave - Shoegaze from England

French Leave – Shoegaze from England

For some reason I had to fling my windows wide open even though it is dark and cold outside as the wings of French Leave fluttered into the room. Their unfettered lightness of step demands spaciousness and confined spaces do not do them justice.

The trio have a mastery of composition as they combine the fantasy world of the Blitz Club with Pet Shop Boys and turning it all in to music of today. There is an expressiveness that wreaths the listener in a shimmering light of reverb before taking them away on a journey of glowing joy.

French Leave is able to draw the mind away from the scourges of life in a wondrous flight of fancy that you never want to end, akin to the folding dining table from which they take their name, the more you need greater room the trio have spaciousness to offer. I am sure you have had that dream where you can leap impossible distances – the trio make it all seem possible with their superb constructs.

Only just celebrating their first birthday French Leave is a band to get to know early in their career.


In Our Youth is available on bandcamp.

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Tripwires from Reading in England is the psychedelic shoegaze quartet of Rhys, Joe, Ben and Sam Millionaire.

Tripwires - psychedelic shoegaze from England


As Tripwires mesmerically stream into the room, the listener has their mind expanded to capture the quantum of sounds which emerge. With a plethora of influences the quartet have tamed the tigers to provide the audience with music to unfurl their brain.

Whilst the tracks bustle with activity, it is almost as though the sounds are played in slow-motion, which gives the ears something of a sensory illusion, developing perceptible changes in the thinking processes as the tracks develop.  Whilst individual pieces are not overly long, the mind becomes so involved in the events occurring, that time stands still and much like a dream that only lasts a split second, the receiver is given the impression they have been hypnotised for many an hour.

Tripwires produce a sound that leaves the brain needing time to rebalance itself and is probably best not taken just before an important meeting, else others will get the impression you are tripping out. Any-time you are after some escapism, then the quartet is definitely to be added to the playlist.


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