Kraus – Bum – Audio

The US shoegaze project Kraus releases the LP Path on the 9th.



Showering the room in a misty downpour of hazy sounds the songs on the dozen track album (available on bandcamp) are shrouded in echoing fuzzy guitar which obscures the already gauzed vocal with only the persistent percussion identifying the forward momentum minding the listener of driving through thick fog on a motorway with only the thrub of the wheels on the road providing clarity of motion.

Far from feeling anxious the mind relaxes to its task and revels in the obscured compositions.

The second track is Bum.

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冷牟田敬 (Hiyamutakei) – Watershadow – Video

冷牟田敬 (Hiyamutakei) is a Japanese shoegaze outfit.



The music shimmers across the ears in hazy multilayered reverberating, echoing guitars and vocal which have the ability to calm the deepest creases in a cotton shirt, as they gently coat the room in a soft palette of immersive sound.

From the most recent LP μ (ミクロ) (M (Micro)) – the first of the nine tracks – Watershadow.


μ(ミクロ) – 冷牟田敬 is available on iTunes.*

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Dead Vibrations – Chemical Hug – Video

Dead Vibrations is a Swedish shoegaze quartet.

Dead Vibrations

Dead Vibrations

Frequently to be found in live performance around much of Europe, Dead Vibrations do from time to time also make it in to the studio and are a quartet I must get back to in full in due course.

By way of an introduction – a live performance of an as yet unreleased track – which, by name alone, describes the mood of the song – Chemical Hug.

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Greenhouse – Vincent Van Slow – Single Review

The Canadian shoegaze quartet Greenhouse released the single Vincent Van Slow on the 4th.

Greenhouse (Canada)


Not to be confused with the US electronica duo of the same name introduced in 2013, Greenhouse deliver music that fills the room with slowly rotating interweaving guitar that minds of a fine shower which, although each droplet is light of touch, is contained within a concentration that is as quick to drench the clothes as a tropical storm, resultingly, despite though perhaps simultaneously due entirely to its fragility, generates a long-stay memory imprint.

In the slow tempo Vincent Van Slow (available on bandcamp) unhurriedly unfurled individual notes and chords drift away in to silence yet are carried by the shimmering reverb and echo as though in a continuum of sound, which wraps itself around the listener in delicate silky threads.

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Silver Liz – Him – Audio

The US shoegaze duo Silver Liz are set to release their début LP imminently.

Silver Liz

Silver Liz

On the 15th the first track from the album – Him – was released as a stand alone single which is available on bandcamp.

Washes of pulsing guitar breeze through the room in ever evolving chord and tempo changes giving Him a sense of organic movement which hypnotically enmeshes the listener in a silken web, through which the spectral voice shimmers in shadowy light.

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