Shiners – (I Feel So) Blunt – Audio

The English indie quartet Shiners have surfaced with a new track from their forthcoming début EP.

Shiners - (I Feel So) Blunt


Discovering a new side to the band (I Feel So) Blunt has a warming analogue retro feel as the combinations of keys and guitar drift between each other in a three and roughly a third minutes of a track that leaves the listener minded of Elvis Costello And The Attractions.

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Shiners – Goosebumps – Audio

The English indie quartet Shiners are finalising details for their début EP due for release early 2017.

Shiners - Goosebumps


From the forthcoming release – Goosebumps – which itself is due for release as a single on the 2nd of December – contains the breezy flowing guitar sections that they warm with fusing synths which are their signature sounds.

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Shiners – 19 Again – Audio

It was back in October that the English Brit-pop outfit Shiners last featured.

Shiners - 19 Again


Their latest track – 19 Again, which surfaced this week, finds Shiners in a more retro mood that the music previously featured as the just over three minute track slips into earshot. The Wurtlitzer back-drop gives the piece a fairground feel and the listener is left joyfully cartwheeling around the room as the party bubbles of analogue replication burst into view.

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Shiners – Pressure – Video

The English Indie-synth quartet Shiners released the two track single Pressure on the 16th.



With an emphasis on strings, the synth is used by Shiners to add flourishing touches, keeping Pressure compacted, which is, further emphasised by a percussion that maintains a steady momentum.

Of particular delight is the high-pitch, almost reedy notes of the guitar, that intersperse Pressure with a captivating melodiousness with which the vocal perfectly blends, providing the icing on the cake of the track.

Most certainly Pressure is a song to add to the collection and Shiners a band to keep an ear out for in the future.


Pressure – Single – SHINERS is available on iTunes.*

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