The Whiskey Riders – Shine On – Video

The Whiskey Riders is a US southern rock outfit.

The Whiskey Riders - 1865 - artwork

The Whiskey Riders – 1865 – artwork

From the LP – 1856 – which was released earlier this month, Shine On, the opener, sets the stall for the eleven track album.


1865 – The Whiskey Riders is available on iTunes.*

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Dwight & Nicole – On Top of the World – Video

Dwight & Nicole from the USA released the eleven track LP – Shine On – earlier this year.

Dwight & Nicole

Dwight & Nicole

From the album – track three – On Top Of The World was caught in live rendition.


Shine On – Dwight & Nicole is available on iTunes*.

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Tallulah Rendall – The Banshee And The Moon – LP Review

It was back in 2011 that Tallulah Rendall first featured on the website and a new twelve track LP The Banshee And The Moon has recently been released.

Tallulah Rendall - LP launch

Tallulah Rendall – LP launch

To call this an LP in isolation would be to do an injustice as the release appears alongside a book with carefully curated images, a CD and for a few a limited edition, 200 to be precise, Vinyl version.

Opening with Run Let The River Run the tone is set for the mystical magical journey of The Banshee And The Moon.

Canary is a bewitching tale of escaping darkness with a track that showcases the range of the vocal dexterity of Tallulah Rendall whilst the rolling music settles the brain into a tempo to be found through the LP.

Pieces is an anthem to the 21st Century with the confusion of isolation and self reliance within a world that on the surface appears contiguous yet is fractured. The track despite its contemplative lyric is an up-tempo blues derived piece, which gives it an even more powerful testimony. My pick of the release as this to me distils the essence of The Banshee And The Moon.

She Rises up is a folkloric track in which the guitar flickers as-though the wings of a dragonfly caught in the sunlight of the voice, whilst the darker pool of a pond lays beneath.

Next is Shine On a composition which finds Tallulah Rendall as the chantress in a lonely bar in an isolated town dreaming of a world of fleeting opportune moments in life which should not be allowed to slip by un-beckoned.

Go My Way is another showcase for the soaring voice accompanied by bounding bass notes which cascade across the room.

Opening the second half of The Banshee And The Moon is Hear Me Now which combines the darker textures of the LP with a shining light of rock riffs that gives the the LP a bounce and a fine example of how Tallulah Rendall can continue to surprise and delight the listener.

The Banshee provides a summation of the LP with contrasts of lightness and dark. Reflective of the realities of life which burn and flash, but remain within the control of the individual, were the will sufficiently strong.

Following the optimism of The Banshee – Land Away is responsive to the fatigue of the daily grind of monotony which stifles dreams in a finely crafted piece of music.

Trust In Me finds a balance to the conundrums, looking forward to a brighter space, as the music brings in extensive piano to explore lighter moods, which remain tempered with a sense of sorrow.

Eyes continues to find the light flickering through the tunnel of confused emotions that is The Banshee And The Moon with a Gaelic dance temperance.

Concluding with Lost In The Moonlight which offers a route from the darkness in a piece which extends a map through the complexities of life.

Tallulah Rendall has put together more than a musical journey in The Banshee And The Moon as the accompanying materials are integral parts to the whole journey.

To obtain the constituent parts of The Banshee And The Moon.

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Tallulah Rendall – Shine On – Video

Tallulah Rendall, from England, first reviewed in December 2011 has just started shipping a limited edition vinyl version of the LP The Banshee And The Moon.

Tallulah Rendall

Tallulah Rendall

Taken from the twelve track LP is Shine On.


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