SHEiLAVA – Nonsense – Audio

The US candle-melt duo SHEiLAVA release the LP Nonsense on the 28th.



Spoonfuls of Cornish clotted cream dollop electronica in to the room which glides in to the warm scone of vocal and the listener is minded of a – Cornwall (England) – those from Devon (England) will be less enamoured by my reference points – summer early evening as the strawberry jam spoon of instrumentation and percussion rounds out the retrospective sounds of SHEiLAVA which enwrap the listener in reminiscence. For the many readers who will have to reach deep in to dictionary and Encyclopedia and still undoubtedly fail to comprehend English afternoon-tea traditions to understand the comparative to the music – save yourself the time – the music better explains it than words are able.

Comprised of eight tracks, which have predominately been around a while, Nonsense (available on bandcamp) is a must have for the summer – be you in the Northern Hemisphere for the here and now, or in Southern Hemisphere – to pull out in January – my pick of the release being the title track and closer – Nonsense.

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