LemonLang from Pickering in Canada started life as a duo and is now the solo rock project of Greg Lemon.

LemonLang - rock from Canada


Tumescence of sounds growl around the room in a manner that reminds me of a drill-bit eating into the earth as LemonLang carve up the foundations with a prominent bass that harangues the ears in a manner that draws the ears ever nearer to the speakers.

Having enticed closer inspection wailing guitars excavate the the timpani, drawing blood, as a drum hammers gleefully in the background and a vocal, which cauterizes, sheens the compositions.  Greg works hard to deliver tracks through delivering each constituent part and the resulting out-put is a pleasure to the audience at home, the only sadness is that this cannot be replicated on stage and I have my fingers crossed that LemonLang will become a full line-up to extract the full value of the music.

I am given to understand that a new album is scheduled for later this year, which given the previous material is going to be worth adding to the collection. Fairly typically for me the song of choice is from the days of a duo rather than currency.

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