Quinn – Seems Fine – LP Review

The English angst-grunge trio Quinn release the LP Seems Fine on the 10th of June.



Opening the six track release is They Said You Were Dead On Buzzfeed, which is approaching five minutes of spoken commentary with quietly spaced expansive background on a world of social isolation and a statement of the Quinn point of difference as the piece bears no relationship, musically, to the rest of Seems Fine. My pick of the release because of its boldness and perspicacious reflection.

Next is Jessica (My So Called Life), which  is an itchy, equally condemnatory track with the vocal spearing into the ears as the percussion plays in double time, giving the piece a panic stricken feeling as guitar shimmers in and out of focus.

The third track – Sixteen Vandals comes as a surprise as it is a punchy number that finds the listener taking to the floor to join in with the off-beat rhythms.

Near To You again showcases something different as the pace slows down again to sparse guitar picking with sliding gazey chords sitting as a counter-balance.

All The Lazy Hipsters is next up with the guitars again foiling and the electric strings being given space to echo around the room giving the track an expansiveness that is well worth an immediate replay.

The closer Stewart’s House as Quinn proffer some fuzzy electric which stands in contrast to the clarity of the acoustic, giving the track a vaguely maths-rock feeling.

Quinn do not make their music readily approachable, however well worth exploring as they challenge the realities of the world of the ’10s where the more transient and facile the thought the more it is lapped up as sagacity.

It is thanks to bands such as Quinn who take such an acerbic perspective that there remains a flicker that being part of the ‘trend’ really is not a good place to be and I thank them for doing what they do and long may they keep doing it.

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