Secret Tongues – Glass Beach – Audio

The liquorice-rock quartet Secret Tongues from England recently surfaced with a new track.

Secret Tongues - Glass Beach

Secret Tongues

I recall on my last review the quartet were bemused by my genre description and it is only perhaps when you have munched your way through a carton of Bassetts Liquorice Allsorts that it will make sense, as, until then the contextualisation of the bitter-sweet sounds of Secret Tongues is perhaps little more than an abstract description of the music.

The newest track – Glass Beach – (available on bandcamp) is their signature sound of a beguiling sense of softness swathed in sharp contrasts of tangy pithiness.

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Secret Tongues – Spring Thing – Audio

Secret Tongues is a liquorice-rock band from England.

Secret Tongues

Secret Tongues

Establishing a live circuit and from time to time Secret Tongues surface with music for those of further afield to hear and their latest is Spring Thing. Again an apology to one and all as this has been sitting in my in-box since the 8th, so a little late to the stalls.

Spring Thing wraps its loins around the listener in playful dexterity as the skins of the drums tether the ears whilst wandering thickly strung guitar metes its wrath from which vocal spires across the room in teasing caress.

website (be aware music starts immediately)

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