Secret Cameras – It Doesn’t Matter – Audio

The English indie-synth quartet Secret Cameras are working towards the release of their début EP.

Secret Cameras - photo by Adrian Hanek

Secret Cameras – photo by Adrian Hanek

Within the past six hours It Doesn’t Matter from the forthcoming release was revealed.

Taking the listener on a journey which has a clear reference point to Going Places, also from the EP. It Doesn’t Matter, their second reveal, (available as a stand alone single on bandcamp) despite having similar pressing pace seems to have a more expansive and smokey manner when compared to the first number as Secret Cameras deploy the synths to deliver a calming influence which softens the overall sound of the piece.

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Secret Cameras – Going Places – Audio

Secret Cameras are an indie-synth quartet from England.

Secret Cameras

Secret Cameras

My apologies to all and sundry – this has been sitting in my inbox since last month and thanks to Uma Gavish for the chase-up email.

There is something magnetic about the music which threads between melancholia and manic dance giving the song Going Places the sense of an aural depiction of a cycle of depression which those who know someone, or who live with the black dog themselves, will recognise.

The track is constructed around a syncopated percussion / synth which gradually slip out of alignment, resultingly giving Going Places its tumbling presence whilst guitar and bass bounce between the developing void as a sultry vocal skims the walls.

Part of a forthcoming eponymous six track LP, in Going Places itself – set for release a single on the 21st of October (available on bandcamp)-  Secret Cameras capture attention and I look forward to hearing future material.

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