Beaches – When You’re Gone – Audio

On the 18th of September the Australian gaze-rock quintet Beaches will be releasing the LP Second Of Spring.



Having been around for more than five minutes, which is immediately evident in their self assured compositions, Beaches are able to instil a sense of confidence which the listener can immediately feel is trustworthy as their hallucinogenic-laced music breezes through the room. Given this day and age of mutual-distrust, this in no mean feat, particularly as the audience is met with a potential overdose of something in a random glass offered at the bar – in the seventeen track album (available on bandcamp).

All you need to do prior to hitting play is hush out all the outside noise before opening the eleventh song – When You Are Gone – and you will be transported on trippy flight that is not one of red-eyed dragons spitting fire rather a luxuriant magic carpet from which the mind is in no hurry to leave behind.

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