Safe Secrets

Safe Secrets is the blues rock trio of Sebastian Stone, Ric Olivarez and Joaquin Rosales from Nashville, Tennessee, in the USA.

Safe Secrets - Blues rock from the USA

Safe Secrets

Regular readers will understand why I ran out of the room in fear on hitting play with Safe Secrets – but I thrust my head around the doorway and found myself engaged. Sprawling guitars lay waste to the under-lay and the trio deliver not fatuous mind-numbing Nashville blues rather the enlightening, as they take a genre and shake it up, delivering an out-put that makes you think more garage-blues as the itchy growling sounds maul around the room.

Safe Secrets bring their compositions to life with a fine construct of blousy guitar that drips acid as a cantankerous percussion and bass combination claw the fabric and a sardonic vocal that reminds of a friendly poker game going sour commentates.

This is music to down with a bottle of Jack Daniels. I raise my hat to Safe Secrets who are able to switch a mind from running for the hills to wanting to pay for the next round and being happy when they empty my wallet with a Royal Flush.

I look forward to more.


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