C Duncan – Impossible – Audio

The Scottish alt-rock multi-instrumentalist C Duncan will be releasing the LP Health on the 29th of March.

C Duncan - Photo credit - Jordan Curtis Hughes
C Duncan – Photo credit – Jordan Curtis Hughes

With a step change from previous material, Health, the third album emerges away from a home studio to work with other producers, engineers and musicians, which paradoxically has allowed the LP to explore, to a far greater extent, more personal aspects of life and affords the music a more emotional tie to the audience as the songs contemplate, love, health and sexuality.

The first track to surface from the album, Impossible (released as a stand-alone single yesterday), which is the third of the dozen tracks is a contrast of jaunty, trotting, instrumentation that has a spaghetti western feel laid to a, melancholic, lyrical reflection of a long distance relationship with a former boyfriend.

Impossible – Single – C Duncan is available on iTunes.*


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North Sea Dialect – Dog Violet – Audio

North Sea Dialect is a doomwave project from Scotland.

North Sea Dialect

North Sea Dialect

A little late to this, apologies to everyone, the début LP (available on bandcampLocal Guide was released earlier in the month.

A roughly twenty eight minutes, ten track, album that takes the listener to the dark foreboding gabbro walls of The Cuillins looming overlooking the highland clearances of Allt Coire Lagan as the mystical, forlorn compositions fill the room with their gloomy noises-off.

Dog Violet is the third track.

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Natasha England – Somehow – Audio

The Scottish, England based, rive gauche blues creator Natasha England released the LP Somehow on the 10th.

Natasha England

Natasha England

A melting weave of electronica and instrumentation floats through the room in intoxicating waves as the alluring, imploring vocal teases the audience with its breathy rhythmic layers in a thirteen track album which lifts the listener through space and time to Montparnasse as flicking jazz, husky blues and café-culture soothe-groove seep in to the mind.

The title track and opener is Somehow, a song which sets the backdrop to the LP.


Somehow – Natasha England is available on iTunes.*

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when its dark out – letting go is not a weakness – Audio

The Scottish alt-rock project when its dark out was introduced earlier in the year.

when its dark out - letting go is not a weakness

when its dark out

A new track surfaced yesterday which is of very different shading.

The eighty seven seconds of letting go is not a weakness are of a fuzzy guitar instrumental that spins around an axis that minds of the grinding wheels of a heavy freight train slowly gaining traction and velocity – an aural demonstration of Newton’s three laws of motion, if you will.

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The Paraffins – RUSSIA! – Audio

The Scottish scathing-electronica project The Paraffins released the single RUSSIA! on the 4th.

The Paraffins

The Paraffins

Their first and only feature was back in 2010 – which is less to do with my tardy administration this time around, rather the scarcity of new material.

It was therefore of some delight to discover The Paraffins surfaced with some thoughts on this whole Russia! is responsible for everything that is wrong in the world –  in a one track plus one remix single (available on bandcamp) which metronomically beats out the repetitive mantra of local bureaucrats and longer stay readers who will be aware of my anarchist leanings will not be surprised to discover I recommend adding RUSSIA! to the essential songs playlist.

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