The Paraffins – RUSSIA! – Audio

The Scottish scathing-electronica project The Paraffins released the single RUSSIA! on the 4th.

The Paraffins

The Paraffins

Their first and only feature was back in 2010 – which is less to do with my tardy administration this time around, rather the scarcity of new material.

It was therefore of some delight to discover The Paraffins surfaced with some thoughts on this whole Russia! is responsible for everything that is wrong in the world –  in a one track plus one remix single (available on bandcamp) which metronomically beats out the repetitive mantra of local bureaucrats and longer stay readers who will be aware of my anarchist leanings will not be surprised to discover I recommend adding RUSSIA! to the essential songs playlist.

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Kev Howell – Distance – Video

The Scottish alt-rock creator Kev Howell revealed a live stripped back acoustic version of the song Distance a few days ago.

Kev Howell

Kev Howell

More usually found playing fully plugged-in ‘6os and ’70s influenced textured-rock, this acoustic version of the first track of the nine on the début LP Haunting Ambition demonstrates the tender roots from which the fuller sound is created.

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Haunting Ambition – Kev Howell is available on iTunes.*

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Kung Fu Jesus – Shine A Light – Video

On the 7th the Scottish retro-wave creator Kung Fu Jesus released the LP The Kantele Tapes.

Kung Fu Jesus

Kung Fu Jesus

Immediately on hitting play the listener is wound back to the late ’80s – though not in the least sorry for it – as the blends of instrumentation, electronica and floating vocal surface in to the room to wrap the listener in billowing down filled blankets.

The third of the ten tracks is Shine A Light.

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The Kantele Tapes is available on Amazon.*

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Ali Chisholm – Removal Vans For Gaddafi – Audio

Ali Chisholm is a Scottish ambient-wave creator.

Ali Chisholm

Ali Chisholm

Performing under the moniker MK-Ultra and regularly revealing new material – sometimes alone other times in collaboration – the latest track (as I type on the 15th though may well not be when this is published on the 19th) is working with Leon Milk, who those of longer stay will recognise from an introduction back in 2012 of The Milk Bar.

Removal Vans For Gaddafi is a scathing commentary of global affairs revolved around by a dreamy soundtrack.

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Solareye – WHERE2NOW – Audio

Solareye is a protest-rap creator from Scotland.



With only two tracks around, over a year apart, the output is not prolific by any means, though when an appearance is made it is prescient.

The newest track to appear WHERE2NOW lyrically is self-explanatory and there is no need to add any commentary.

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