Domiciles – Common Language – Single Review

The Scottish psychedelia quintet Domiciles release the single Common Language on the 26th.



Infrequently revealing new recorded music with this a follow-up to the early 2017 single Nothing’s Ever Changed in the Whole Time That I’ve Been Here, Common Language, makes a welcome entrance back to the world whilst inviting the listener to accept a cup of unknown strength psilocybin mushroom tea, which is tentatively held to the lips to allow the heady hallucinations to be ingested.

The audience discovers themselves disappearing in to a mole tunnel of fluted light and pure blackout – yet surfacing a smidgen under four and two thirds of a minutes later sloughed of the introversion of the daily grind of life – akin to a spring lamb frolicking in joie de vivre and equally ready to bounce back in to action.

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Ace Elementary – Sonny – Audio

The Scottish alt-rock quartet Ace Elementary release the EP Novice Starry on the 9th of March.

Ace Elementary - Sonny

Ace Elementary

Although less than a year since last featured the new release finds the quartet in different mood with the compositions marking a step change by the extensive use of layers of horizontally planed instruments rather than parallel line-ups which allows Ace Elementary to add additional depth and texturing to the songs and a sound in which the listener is invited to dive to explore.

My pick of the roughly fifteen minutes release being the opener – Sonny.

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Baba Vük – Eternity – Audio

The haunting-rock duo from Scotland Baba Vük plan to release the ten track LP Promesse du Bonheur in March of next year.

Baba Vük

Baba Vük

The two tracks I have been able to hear attest to an album of dark beauty which minds the listener of wandering through deep caves as the echoing vocal scatters against cleaved limestone with the synths drawing the mind to explore further in to the cavern as the pulsing percussion foils any thoughts of exit whilst guitar flickers like a candle seeking oxygen.

The most recent track to surface being the closer – Eternity.


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milkd – Come Out – Single Review

The Scottish acoustic-blend duo milkd were introduced earlier this year.

milkd - another photo - by Maya Sacks

milkd – photo by – Maya Sacks

The latest single Come Out (available on bandcamp) is of different countenance than previous material featured as the singular vocal is given more largesse in which to shine in the spotlight and the audience resultingly rests in greater appreciation of a superlative voice, though to denigrate the composition which is reliant on counter melodic guitar to afford the song its enticing ebb and flow would be remiss as sans the dichotomy of pace and chord structures the vocal would be lost in a crowd.

It is for the ability of milkd to identify that every element of their music is of equal important to allow the output to have its impact, even though to many the main focus will be the engrossing vocal, others of us are more fixated on the intricacy of a guitar which slips in and out major and minor chords with no hesitation or fracturing, which I particularly commend.

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Park Planet – Through – Single Review

The Scottish nu-disco outfit Park Planet revealed a new track within the past twenty hours.

Park Planet - Through

Park Planet

Through is a further track to be released which is sign-posted as coming from the tale of the long projected second album, with the working title Rebel, Rebel.

The song has a more electronic and jazz influenced layering than much of their material that has featured over the years, with instrumentation playing a backdrop with a draw that minds of Ashley Reaks though of divergent process in which Park Planet take the listener on a trippy-step around the dance-floor in its just under four and a quarter minutes duration rather than a bleak journey of disquiet.

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