when its dark out – nothing at all – audio

when its dark out is an angst-rock project from Scotland.

when its dark out

when its dark out

The music casts a dark pall through the room which seeps in to the listeners very being leaving them transfixed by the dour moments in time which float through the ears, yet beneath the sad countenance lays a haunting beauty from whence arises a catharsis and wistful contemplation.

By way of an introduction – nothing at all.

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Slowlight – Prison – Audio

The Scottish dystopian-rock quartet Slowlight released the LP The Only Thing I Want Is To Know What I Want on the 22nd.



The best way to hear the ten track album (available on bandcamp) is with blackout curtains drawn whilst hunkering in a bombshelter as by the time the roughly thirty seven minutes of songs have completed you will be fully convinced Armageddon has arrived, though rather than feeling disconsolate the mind feels refreshed, with a clear sense of purpose and perhaps most surprisingly with a sense of optimism and better able to handle the world of chaos that currently exists.

The fourth track is Prison.

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Nasari – Robyn’s Room – Audio

Nasari is a gaze-rock quartet from Scotland.



Luxuriant echoing reverberating guitar slowly circles out of the speakers filling the room with mesmeric folds of sound while the bass and percussion enable Nasari to give their songs an anchor around which to pivot the compositions with a dreamy vocal rounding out the music of a quartet I look forward to hearing much more in short order.

By way of an introduction the B side of the two track single Afterglow which was released recently – Robyn’s Room.

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Domiciles – Common Language – Single Review

The Scottish psychedelia quintet Domiciles release the single Common Language on the 26th.



Infrequently revealing new recorded music with this a follow-up to the early 2017 single Nothing’s Ever Changed in the Whole Time That I’ve Been Here, Common Language, makes a welcome entrance back to the world whilst inviting the listener to accept a cup of unknown strength psilocybin mushroom tea, which is tentatively held to the lips to allow the heady hallucinations to be ingested.

The audience discovers themselves disappearing in to a mole tunnel of fluted light and pure blackout – yet surfacing a smidgen under four and two thirds of a minutes later sloughed of the introversion of the daily grind of life – akin to a spring lamb frolicking in joie de vivre and equally ready to bounce back in to action.

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Ace Elementary – Sonny – Audio

The Scottish alt-rock quartet Ace Elementary release the EP Novice Starry on the 9th of March.

Ace Elementary - Sonny

Ace Elementary

Although less than a year since last featured the new release finds the quartet in different mood with the compositions marking a step change by the extensive use of layers of horizontally planed instruments rather than parallel line-ups which allows Ace Elementary to add additional depth and texturing to the songs and a sound in which the listener is invited to dive to explore.

My pick of the roughly fifteen minutes release being the opener – Sonny.

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